GIANT RATS to Families Searching for the Truth

The old school mouse trap we put out. That is the food we tried to trick it with!

This week has been really special. We have been blessed with a sweet spirit and have been able to work with so many choice people! We had many experiences that I will never forget. From GIANT RATS to families searching for the truth. 

This week while on divisions I was able to work with two new sisters, Hermana Ponce, from Honduras, and Hermana Reyes from El Salvador. It has been so fun working with the new sisters these past couple of weeks. I am learning a lot from them. Hermana Ponce and I worked in my area this week and we found MANY investigators. I loved teaching with her because she teaches so simply and clear. She teaches in such a way that the ppl understand. She has a giant testimony and I know she is going to change many ppls lives through her hard work. 

Hermana Reyes is a real example for me. She is the only active member in her family. Her mom lives in Panama and Her dad in the States. She doesn’t talk with either of them and they aren’t members. She lives with her Gma and brother, both of which are less active. She made the decision to leave and serve the Lord. She has such a genuine testimony and is learning how to share it with others in a way that touches them. We worked on putting fechas this day and she put her FIRST FECHA! She was beyond thrilled after and made the goal to place 1 fecha every day this week. PILAS!

I love doing divisions of course but it was great to work with Hermana Alan again afterwards. She is the best. We really have been blessed with so many new investigators and positive families this week. We have found families that were going to church and stopped just because missionaries left but that are now ready to be baptized. We have found families that are looking for God in their lives and families that LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON. My favorite family of all though is V___ AND M___! Ahh I LOVE this family. They are so special to me. They remind me a lot of Corina and Enrique. They are looking for the truth. V__ told us that he has been searching for God and wants to communicate with Him in the right way in His true church. M___ is the SWEETEST woman on this planet and loves her husband so much. She is really shy but wants to know the truth and is willing to follow him. They are reading the Book of Mormon and LOVE IT. They both have a strong testimony that it is true and are praying for help to keep the commandments. They are working towards being baptized the 27th of this month. WE NEED LOTS of prayers so they can reach their goal. I know with all my heart that they are chosen of God. I know they can be an eternal family and that this is their time. After Sunday School V___ gave the closing prayer and thanked God for leading him to the truth. LOVE THEM!

This week we also had one of the most incredible lessons of my whole mission with a woman named A___. She was a referral from one member and is SO READY! When we went by her house to teach her she had been waiting for us and was so eager to learn about Christ. She shared her testimony with us of the role God has played in her life. She has had so many experiences that have prepared her to receive the gospel. We were all in tears as she shared her life trials and triumphs with us. After teaching the restoration she told us she was going to pray and ask God if this is the truth, if she receives her answer she will be baptized and all her family as well. I love her. She is a cancer patient and is suffering from many complications right now. I know the gospel is what she needs. Please pray for her so that she can overcome Satan and the world, trust in the Lord and be baptized. 

I love being a missionary. This is the Lords work. He leads and directs us. 

Love you all!!
Hermana Kendall 

P.s. This week has been OUTRAGEOUSLY HOT!!!!!!!! Hermana Alan and I couldn’t sleep because it was too hot in our house at night and we would have to ring out our clothes from sweat after lunch every day...GROSSS!!!!!!!!!

P.P.S. Like I said last week we are suffering from a giant RAT problem. And I mean SUFFERING! We killed one last week and thought we were safe. Sadly, our neighbors told us they saw another one run into our house one night. PANICKING we put out poison, traps and more poison! All the members were searching for methods to kill the nasty things for us haha. After 3 days of not catching anything we assumed it had eaten the poison and died...Oh were we wrong. This morning we woke up to a HUGE RAT IN OUR TRAP!!!!!!!!!! We obviously ran out SCREAMING and our neighbor had to take it and kill it. NO MORE RATS!!!!!!!

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