Multi Mission Conference

My comp. and I on the bus on our way to the MULTI MISSION CONFERENCE! 
It was la LEY! 

Today we went to the distribution center in the south mission and we stopped by a real sweet shop! I splurged and bought a slice of cheesecake haha. I suck at diets! 

This week was pretty incredible! We had our ups and downs but the ups definitively outweighed the downs. This week was our Multi-mission conference with the South Mission. Elder Soares, President of the 70, Elder Ochoa, Area president (he spoke in conference this last session) and the two mission presidents spoke! Wow, it was a sight to see! One of my favorite moments was pulling up to the church and just seeing Hundreds and Hundreds of missionaries! It was so powerful to see God’s army gathering together. I was blessed to participate in the Choir. We sang several songs but my favorite was "Brightly Beams My Fathers Mercy". We sang the BYU men’s choir version but it Spanish. The lyrics in Spanish are absolutely stunning. There was such a beautiful spirit during this song and during the whole meeting. We had the privilege of hearing from all the leaders there but my favorite talk hands down was from Elder Soares. That man is what I call a Representative of Jesus Christ. Seriously, the spirit he brought into that meeting and that room was so beautiful. He is from Brazil and speaks Portuguese as his first language, then French, then English and lastly Spanish. Now that is what I call the gift of tongues. He started out by telling us that he had never spoken in Spanish in Public and that we had to forgive his poor speech...WHATEVER! His Spanish was Perfect! Seriously, you could just see the spirit working through him so he could deliver the message we needed.

He spoke about many things during this conference but something that struck me was the divinity of our calling. He explained to us exactly how the First Presidency assigns mission calls and the process they go through. It is literally divine revelation from on high. As missionaries we have literally been called by God to represent his son Jesus Christ where he needs us. Out of the 80,000 missionaries in the world My Heavenly father wanted me here. In D&C 100:4 we learn that the Lord has placed us here for the salvation of souls. Out of all the missionaries I have been called here to Nicaragua at this time because out of all the people I was the best option to come here and bring souls unto Christ. The Lord is all knowing and I have been placed here because it was "convient for the Salvation of ALMAS". I never understood how incredible my calling was until Elder Soares explained it. I am more determined than ever now to give my ALL in every moment so that I can represent Christ in the best way possible. I am determined to do exactly what He would do if He were here. How grand is this calling! Elder Soares then went on to teach us how we can be better representatives of Jesus Christ and what we must do to become more like Him. It is a HUGE task and I know it is a lifelong one but I feel so blessed to be on this trek. I feel so blessed to have knowledge of this Gospel, have the chance to know my Savior and the chance to grow and become more like him. This year as a New Years goal, I started reading the New Testament. I feel so close to my Savior when I am learning more about His life. He literally gave us the perfect example and we can put complete trust in Him. I know He lives. I know this is His work. He is changing my life and the lives of all that come unto Him. I am truly blessed to be His representative during this time! 

Hey I have to go. I love you so much and miss you dearly!!  Thanks for all you do for me. You guys are the BEST!! LOVES!!


Grateful and Honored

My first day with Hermana Gonzales. Love her with all my heart!

This was my lunch last week. Mira knows me all too well. She takes great care of us!

This week has been...hard. However, I like hard weeks because I know that means there is a miracle just around the corner. We have been working like CRAZIES to find new ppl and help the ppl we are teaching to progress. The ward has been awesome this week with helping us teach and giving us referrals. Our ward really is amazing. Sometimes they just need a little bit of excitement to participate in missionary work. So this week we have been working hard to have members in lessons and also to receive referrals at every moment, even from contacts. Our biggest challenge this week has been finding ppl in their homes. Vacation time is over and the ppl have started to work again so it has been a little bit of a challenge to find ppl at home during the day. It is interesting because that was never a problem in my other, poorer areas. However, here the ppl actually work so it is something I am having to adjust to. I love it though because it shows that these ppl actually are motivated to do something with their life and progress. It is a lot different working in Managua. The ppl are smarter and more driven. To me that just screams.... LEADERS! I know we are going to find a lot of leaders while working here in La 14.

This week we did divisions with the sisters of Ciudadela, which is an area in TIPITAPA. It was my turn to travel and work with Hermana Taylor there in her area. To get to Ciudadela you have to stop in Tipitapa and get on another bus. Well once we got off the bus I of course never wanted to leave again. I felt right at home. We walked past my old lunch cita, Hermana Escarlet, and all the kids were out. They instantly started screaming HERMANA KENDALL HERMANA KENDALL and came running out. I got tackled by 6 little kids and LOVED it! Ahh I have missed them so much. We got to chat a little bit and then we were off again. I loved seeing them and it just made me even more excited for when you guys can meet them all. Anyways, we got to Ciudadela and I can honestly say it is in the middle of NO WHERE! It is a "pueblo" of 10 streets by 4. So tiny! It is all dirt roads and plastic huts. However, I LOVED IT THERE! It is a very special area and I loved working there. We had an incredible experience together that I will never forget. 
That night Taylor and I went by one of the members houses that had earlier given them a reference and said they would invite them over for a lesson. Well we got there a little early so we could explain what we were planning on teaching and how they could participate. The guy that gave them the referral is a recently returned missionary. His little sister also participated in the lesson. We taught lesson one of the restorations to his friend, R_. It was a very special lesson full of the spirit. After teaching about Joseph Smith, R_ said she believes it was all true and that it just felt RIGHT.   We were able to put the fecha for her baptism and invite her to go to church. She is so excited about learning more and couldn’t wait to go to church with her friend. The member family was so key in the entire lesson. They shared their testimonies, how they came to know this church is true and how it has changed their lives. Reina is very special and I KNOW she will get baptized on her fecha, especially with the help of the members. After this lesson we went back to Taylors house and I just have to say... THAT IS ROUGHING IT! They are basically camping... I was dying. Their bathroom is OUTSIDE and is disgusting, their room barely fits their two beds and the sink is attached to the outside of their house haha. It was fun for a night but I am so grateful I am not living there. Taylor said she loves it though so it is perfect for them. 

After divisions we of course had to go back to Tipitapa to catch the bus and lo and behold ENRIQUE was there!!! AHH I was so excited to see him. I couldn’t stop squealing and neither could he. He said that him and Corina still pray for me EVERY NIGHT and they are waiting the day I will come to visit them. AHH I JUST LOVE THEM. He was with 4 of the Elders helping teach. He is so PILAS! Definitely the highlight of my week! 

This week I have been thinking a lot about the calling to be a missionary. All I have to say is that I am so grateful and honored to be a missionary and a part of the Lords work. It is a great responsibility to help, teach and lift Gods children here in Nicaragua. Sometimes it is easy to think how weak, unqualified or insufficient I might be but then I just have to remember that I have been called by a prophet of God and I have been promised that I will have success if I live and keep the commandments. I am eternally grateful for the life and sacrifice of my Savior Jesus Christ. It is a privilege to wear a plaque every day with his name on it and teach the ppl here about His life and how he can change theirs. I know I can never repay Him for all He did but I can give my all in this time and throughout my life to help him in his mission to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. You ONLY SERVE A MISSION ONCE. I am going to make sure I give my all every day all day. And I will come home having no regrets :) 

Okay that is all I have got for my email this week! 
I Love you ALL and I am so thankful for your example and prayers! 

Hermana Kendall 

Oh, I also forgot to tell you about the stars in Ciudadela. They were INCREDIBLE. Seriously, the stars have never look more beautiful. I think it may have something to do with the fact that we were in the middle of nowhere, but they just seemed so close. The moon, as well, has just been stunning this week. I have felt like I could literally lasso it close to us. I love the heavens! I always feel so close to my Heavenly Father, Savior, you guys and Avalon every time I can soak in the sky!


Fast and Crazy

Here I am with my GIRLS!! Love them! 

Miller and I (working on our fitness) at pizza hut with a LARGE cinnamon stick. 
 We have problems.... 

Last day with Miller! 

We have started English classes every week at the church. It is a HUGE success. 
 It is adorable to see all the adults, teenagers and kids helping each another out. 

My new companion, one of the SWEETEST girls in the entire mission, 
Hermana GONZALES! 

This week really has been so fast and CRAZY! I can’t even begin to explain how quickly the time is going by. It is a little stressful because I NEVER want the mission to end. I honestly can say I feel like I am in a dream world and I never want to leave.

Well Tuesday, I said goodbye to the BEST comp ever, Hermana Miller and start a new companionship. As luck has it, I once again got put with one of the SWEETEST girls in the entire mission, Hermana GONZALES! She really is a sweetheart through and through. I already love her SO MUCH! I can tell my Spanish did get a little worse while I was with Hermana Miller but Gonzales is AWESOME and I know she is going to help me out so much. She speaks English PERFECTLY (language interpretations is her major) but we only speak in Spanish. It is great because she can help me with all the little things now. She said my Spanish is great and there are just little things we can fix up so I can sound like a NATIVE!   Gonzales is from Guatemala and has 4 months in the mission. We are the TL´s over...drum roll...Villa Flor and TIPITAPA!!!!!! Yes I get to go back and visit all my converts and friends there!!! I seriously couldn’t be ANY HAPPIER! Enrique called me this week when he found out I was coming and was SO EXCITED, as well as Corina. We were all squealing on the phone in excitement. He also bore his testimony to me over the phone and wanted me to know he is working hard and staying true to the FAITH! I love them!

I think I want to call this week our week of MIRACLES! Because we honestly saw miracles every single DAY!  This week Gonzales and I have been working SUPER hard to find new families and new investigators to teach. We have been extremely blessed to find several very positive families to teach this week and help progress towards baptism. We also have been showered with referrals this week! I mean SHOWERED! Referrals are the way to go. It insures investigators will have support and friends throughout the whole processes. This whole week has really inspired Hermana Gonzales and I to work super hard. We have been praying to find the people who really are in search of the truth and the Lord is really putting them in our way!

I wish I had time to tell you about all the miracles we saw this week but I just want to tell you about one.   Last Sunday we received a referral from one of the members in our Ward. That night we went to go visit her friend, E_. The visit went so well! E_ felt the spirit very strongly and was super excited to go to church the following Sunday. She has visited several churches but has never felt like any really "fit". She really is looking for the TRUTH! So Sunday morning we showed up to take her to church and she was ready and excited! We all went and she LOVED IT! LOVED IT I tell you. Despite the fact that the Sunday school teacher didn’t end up coming so I had to come up with a lesson there on the spot... I would have never agreed to do that before and especially not in Spanish but hey that’s what the mission does to you haha.   Later Sunday night we went over to her house with the intention of putting the FECHA! We got there and the spirit immediately consumed me. We sang a hymn and said a prayer and then she immediately started bearing her testimony to us. She said she knows with all her heart this church is what she has been looking for and what she has been missing. She knows it is the ONLY true church and wants to be a part of it for the rest of the eternities. She said she has never felt so close to her Heavenly Father and the Love of her Savior more strongly. She said she left the church feeling like a weight she had been carrying for years and years had been lifted off and she was finally free. We were all in tears by the end of her testimony. She then said, " I want to be baptized in the church of God." WHAT THE!!? Seriously, I will never forget that moment. I felt the spirit so clearly testifying to me she is chosen from God and he has an incredible plan for her life. I really feel like she is my long lost sister and I CAN'T wait for her to be able to enter into the waters of baptism and receive the Holy Ghost as her constant companion if she chooses to live righteously all the days of her life! Needless to say she will be baptized next Sunday after church :)

This Sunday,  A_ was baptized. He is so AWESOME! The baptism was really special and powerful. A TON of the members showed up and were so supportive of him. I know he could feel the love of his Celestial Family very clearly in that moment. After his baptism he got up and shared his testimony with everyone. Those are always the most rewarding moments. He testified that he KNOWS this church is true and this gospel really has changed his life. I love him a LOT! I can’t wait for you guys to meet him one day. He seems like someone dad would really get along with ;)

Needless to say, this week has been a good one and I am looking forward to all the miracles we will be able to see next week. 

I love the mission life. There is nothing more rewarding than helping someone realize their divine potential and purpose in life. To help someone get to know their Savior and experience his redeeming Power. This Church is True. I know it and I will never deny it!

I love you all with all my heart! I always keep you in my prayers and in my thoughts! So happy we are an eternal FAMILY! 

Love, Hermana Kendall

Ps. Sunday night after our dinner cita the family we ate with sent us home in a taxi.... (Moto taxi. It is basically like a four-wheeler Hehe) and all I could think on the way home was "I wish I could bottle this moment up and then share it with my family when I get back." I think that several times a day. Nicaragua is the BEST! My comp was pretty stoked too.  She has never had a dinner cita before let alone a TAXI RIDE PAYED FOR. La 14 is the BEST AREA! How have I gotten so lucky!

Oh I was going to tell you two funny experiences this week.  Last Monday Miller and I were waiting in the grocery line and Miller was just staring at my head. All of a sudden she plucked a hair out. I was like "OW what was that for." She said, " I just thought you would like to see your first GRAY HAIR!" We both looked at each other and then at the hair and I said " Wait.... but I’m just 20." We both bust out laughing at that point. Yes I am 20 and am already getting gray hairs. I guess that’s what happens when you are a stress case!

So Thursday night we were in our house and I was giving numbers to our DL when I hear my comp say in English "Is that alive?" And points to something in the corner. She said it so calmly but had a terrified look on her face. I had NO idea what it could be and didn’t have the guts to look so I asked "What?" And she said "A tarantula." She said it again so calmly I still didn’t believe her! After going back and forth saying "I don’t believe you." "NO, I am serious!" I finally got the guts to look. Lo and behold there was a GIANT TARANTULA! Seriously GIANT!! I immediately started screaming and ran onto  my TABLE! My comp was so scared but handled it much better than me! She calmly got my neighbor and they worked on killing it. While I ran across the table screaming. For a minute they lost it... my neighbor said sorry and was about to go back home! I was not about to let that happen and SLEEP with it in the house! I SAID NO DON'T GO! And thankfully the tarantula came running out again. MY neighbor quickly STOMPED ON IT and yellow guts came out EVERY WHERE!!! It was disgusting. I was so grateful it was dead though. I still had the hebejebes so my comp had to clean up the guts AND THEN I came down from my table hahahah. I am so grateful for LATINAS!!!


Dead Tired!

Changes are happening tomorrow.  Miller is going BACK to Chinandega and she really is so sad. She has already been there, but I know she will find success out there. I will still be a sister training leader and I am going to be training my new comp to be a sister training leader. I have NEVER MET HER and neither has anyone else in the mission apparently haha.  I am mostly sad Miller is leaving... I will miss her a lot.  Right now my area La 14 is shared with a companionship of elders. Well they both leaving and they are putting in two more hermanas. This is where the good news comes in. One of them is HERMANA TEICHERT!!!!! AHHHH I am so excited we are going to share the same ward and have meetings together all the time!! It is going to be LEGIT!!! And we will get to do divisions together regularly because as Leaders we have to do changes with the girls EVERY WEEK!!! I am so pumped for it!

This week Miller and I had divisions with the Girls who work in Villa Flor about 30 mins from our area by bus. Miller and I got to the bus and we were both DEAD TIRED! We really just wanted to take a nap on the bus. Normally we would NEVER take a nap because you have to be alert and ready for your stop when it comes up. However, we had already been to their area once and we knew their area was the LAST bus stop for this bus.  So we would arrive at their area and the bus would stay there.  Therefore, we both decided to take advantage of this time and nap a little.  About 40 mins later we both wake up as the bus is pulling up to its last stop and we are the only two left. We look around and don’t recognize ONE THING!! We hurriedly run to the front of the bus and ask the bus driver where we were. He quickly responded with a strange name neither of us recognized... Turns out we got on the wrong bus... DARN IT haha. It was actually hilarious. Thankfully, the bus driver was really sweet and offered to take us where we needed to go EVEN THOUGH IT WAS SUPER FAR!! We finally got there all in one piece. The divisions were AWESOME! I took so much away from them and had some really special experiences. I got energized to work my VERY hardest to bring more of Gods Children into his kingdom!

I also have had the chance to start reading my Ensign this week.... FINALLY!!! Wow conference was INCREDIBLE. I am sad I missed it in October but I LOVE reading all the talks and studying the words of our prophets or rather our Heavenly Father. I love studying every talk and picking out what it is I need to do to improve and become more like Christ. I LOVED Holland’s talk.... wow. This morning I read Ballard’s talk and it may be my new FAVORITE talk. I want to encourage you ALL to read it and then apply the principles in your life. It is all about missionary work and how EVERY MEMBER can be a member. I love knowing that. I never want to stop being a part of this work. It is just too incredible. The LORD is hastening his work and he is doing it through the MEMBERS! We all have a huge responsibility to bring this Gospel to all the inhabitants of the earth. What greater calling or work is there? I want to encourage you ALL to prayerfully seek for ONE person to share the Gospel with this year. I know if you honestly and faithfully seek for Missionary experiences the Lord will provide you with them. There is nothing more rewarding than sharing the greatest joy in this world with someone else. I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!!!

I testify that this is the Lords work and He will bring His gospel to the entire world with or without our help. However, we can do this and we can help him accomplish this work more quickly! We can help our Brothers and Sisters in this world get to know their Savior and change their lives. I testify that NOW is the time to work with members. I have seen miracles here in the field from working with the members. Even just last night we had the most incredible lesson with one of the women in our ward. She met a girl on the street one day and invited her to church then made an appointment for US TO GO VISIT HER. We have only had one visit with her but because of this member and her testimony the Lord was able to touch her and she is preparing to be baptized. I know we can all have these experiences with frequency if we put our trust in the Lord and go to WORK!!

So I don’t have much more time today but I just want to express my gratitude for my Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. I think what has been most special about being a missionary is getting to know my Savior a little better and learning to understand and use his atoning sacrifice in my life EVERY DAY. I know he lived! He lived a perfect life, serving others, spreading his perfect gospel over the land and submitting to the will of the Father in ALL THINGS. He died for me. I still can’t fully comprehend that part but I know he did. I know he suffered for my sins and died so that I might live. He didn’t just do it for me though he did it for all mankind. He loves us with all his heart.  I am so grateful for Him and his endless mercy. I know I am imperfect and weak and I have so many things to change EVERY DAY, however, I also know I can overcome all these things with the help of my Savior Jesus Christ. He has already taken care of it all. He is waiting with His arms open and extended for us to come unto Him. I will work hard EVERY DAY so I may live more like him and strive to be worthy of His Spirit. I love my brother Jesus Christ and I am so grateful I get to share this message with the sweet ppl of Nicaragua. Christ LIVES and He can save us if we just follow him. Why would we wait?? The day to change is Here! This church is true. I know it with all my heart and nobody can stop me from sharing it with the world!

I love you all so much!! Send my love on to the family. Gma, gpa, nana, papa the WHOLE GANG!! Until next week!

Hermana Kendall


Christmas was the Best!

This is a picture of us eating Caramel cookies! It is just straight up sugar but hey we like them. 
 That was taken during our changes to Esteli and that is why I am in a SWEATER. 

This was Christmas Dinner! IT was actually pretty good. 

Miller and I of course at the Christmas party!

Taken at our Mission Christmas Party at the Hilton.

And this was our CHRISTMAS DINNER 
(on the 25th because Christmas here is the 24th). It was SUSHI!

I love them with all my heart!

District Christmas Activity - Christmas Caroling - Our hats had lights on them.

My District singing at the Hospital.

When we went to sing at the Hospital to the Nińos. 
These are the Christmas treats we had and the Chef herself, Hermana DULCE! 

Opening Christmas! Thanks for giving me the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!! 
You guys are seriously the BEST!

Divisions with Hermana Aparicio

With the Tipitoppers! I miss those guys!

This is from our Christmas Olympics. Miller and I had to see how many marshmallows 
we could fit in our mouths in a minute! It was gross......

Leadership P-Day at the Volcano

Inside the Cave

Volcano Mist

View from the top of the Volcano.

Our yoga poses in front of the Volcano! 

Miller and I at the VOLCANO today! It was so LEGIT!!!!!

Okay first off!!! CHRISTMAS WAS THE BEST!!! I was so happy to talk with you and see how you are doing. Best Christmas present I could have asked for. We passed the rest of the day visiting and teaching. It was great!! We also ordered sushi for our dinner. It was a solid Christmas dinner. I talked to you all about Christmas and everything we did so I will just tell about how things were after! The rest of the week we worked LIKE LOCAS para que pudieramos tener un bautismo! We planned stellar lessons and visited as MANY people as possible so we could see a miracle. I am pretty sure I have told you about Marvin, Octavio and Hilda. They are INCREDIBLE. Octovio and Hilda are recent converts and we have been working with their son Marvin for a while now. This family is so special and really just has a desire to follow Christ. Marvin has been nervous to commit to baptism.  We have felt so strongly that he is ready and needs to be baptized. So Sunday night we showed up to his house and said "Marvin do you know this church is true? Do you believe Christ can clean you from all your sins? Then what would stop you from being baptized tomorrow MORNING!" The spirit was SO STRONG. He couldn’t deny it. And in that moment he committed to be baptized! Ahh it was incredible. I will never forget that moment. After that we prepared his DAD to baptize him. It is so beautiful that his dad is living worthy of the priesthood and was able to baptize him.

Monday morning we showed up to his house early because he wanted to practice his baptism before the actual thing. He had never gone under water and was a little nervous. Well, we got there and he WAS ALL READY TO GO! He just said, "I don’t need to practice. I know this is the Lord's baptism and nothing bad will happen."   We all ran over to the Church and set it all up. We had a beautiful service for him. The spirit was so tender and sweet just like MARVIN! I teared up watching Octovio baptism his Son. I am so excited they can now all prepare to enter into the Temple TOGETHER and be sealed as a family for the ETERNITIES!

That was definitely the Highlight of our week. Miller and I are getting a little sad because we KNOW she is going to be transferred and we just have too much fun together. Oh well we are just going to enjoy our time together and work our very hardest to baptism!

So today was OUR PDAY!!! Pres. planned a special pday for all the leaders and it was AWESOME!! He took us to a Volcano in the SOUTH MISSION and it was LA LEY! We got there and it was super COLD! Seriously we were all freezing. It was a sensation I haven’t felt in a LONG time.... I LOVED IT!!! So the volcano was insane! First we climbed to the top of the volcano and we just saw all the gasses. You seriously couldn’t see anything past it. I thought about Lehi's dream and the dark fog. It was just how you would imagine it. The fog was almost alluring because you had no idea what lay behind it.  However, if you passed into the fog there was no way of finding your way back. You had to stay on the trail and follow the guide. JUST LIKE THIS LIFE!! We have to stay on the straight and narrow path by living the GOSPEL and following Christ’s example.  If you do, the reward is more than you could ever imagine. We got to the top of the Volcano and it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

After hiking the volcano we got to hike down into a cave. IT WAS SO AWESOME!!! I felt like Indiana Jones kind of. Once we were all in, we turned off all the lights and we sat in utter darkness. It was a crazy feeling. I literally couldn’t see my hand in front of my face. I thought about when Christ died and the Darkness that covered the EARTH. Then I thought about the light, hope and joy he brought when he was resurrected and visited las Americas! Christ is the center and the light to everything! I am so grateful for Him and the light He has brought to my life. I love sharing it with the sweet people here in NICARAGUA!

So I just have to tell you real quickly about the Nica traditions for NEW YEARS!  Here New Year's Eve is more exciting and anticipated than Christmas. They have a dinner... speaking of which we ate way too MUCH!!! Anyways, then they have their parties and at 12 the FIREWORKS START GOING OFF!!! Once again we were woken up by the BOMBS going off in the street! It is just so insane. I can’t explain how loud it is. EVERY house sets off 1000's of firecrackers and other fireworks... it is ridiculous. For New Years everyone makes a life size mannequin and sets it in front of their house all day, like a scarecrow. Little did we know all these mannequins were full of FIRECRACKERS!! So at 12 o clock they set it on fire and watch it EXPLODE!!! It was kind of violent, but also AWESOME!! Maybe we will start the tradition at our house...maybe not it is a little brutal looking haha. It was really cool though and I am so glad we got to see it. 

OH YA!!! So we have been living with a FAMILY of rats and Monday we had to draw the LINE. So Miller was smelling her clothes and said "dude I think one of the rats peed on my Clothes they smell horrible." I was too scared to smell so she started to investigate. Well. . . she moved her suitcase and lo and behold we found a DEAD RAT!!!! We of course both started screaming bloody murder and ran STRAIGHT our of the house!!! We had to get our neighbors to come and collect it. Well that was the last STRAW!!! We immediately left to go buy the sticky rat paper I told you about. We put it out that night and woke up to TWO RATS STUCK ON IT!!! It was horrible! We were honestly just screaming for a solid 10 mins as we watched them try to get off. Finally, we got our neighbor and she ran to come collect the paper. She just picked it up in her hand and then SQUISHED THEM DEAD!!! It was straight up disgusting. Right after, we put a second paper out just incase there were more. We came back later that day to go to the bathroom and there WERE TWO MORE!!! That is 5 rats if you are keeping count! We went through the same screaming process and finally got them taken out. NOW we need more paper and are scared there could be more.......... it is out of control!
I have to go now.  I love you with all MY HEART!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I LOVE YOU!