Multi Mission Conference

My comp. and I on the bus on our way to the MULTI MISSION CONFERENCE! 
It was la LEY! 

Today we went to the distribution center in the south mission and we stopped by a real sweet shop! I splurged and bought a slice of cheesecake haha. I suck at diets! 

This week was pretty incredible! We had our ups and downs but the ups definitively outweighed the downs. This week was our Multi-mission conference with the South Mission. Elder Soares, President of the 70, Elder Ochoa, Area president (he spoke in conference this last session) and the two mission presidents spoke! Wow, it was a sight to see! One of my favorite moments was pulling up to the church and just seeing Hundreds and Hundreds of missionaries! It was so powerful to see God’s army gathering together. I was blessed to participate in the Choir. We sang several songs but my favorite was "Brightly Beams My Fathers Mercy". We sang the BYU men’s choir version but it Spanish. The lyrics in Spanish are absolutely stunning. There was such a beautiful spirit during this song and during the whole meeting. We had the privilege of hearing from all the leaders there but my favorite talk hands down was from Elder Soares. That man is what I call a Representative of Jesus Christ. Seriously, the spirit he brought into that meeting and that room was so beautiful. He is from Brazil and speaks Portuguese as his first language, then French, then English and lastly Spanish. Now that is what I call the gift of tongues. He started out by telling us that he had never spoken in Spanish in Public and that we had to forgive his poor speech...WHATEVER! His Spanish was Perfect! Seriously, you could just see the spirit working through him so he could deliver the message we needed.

He spoke about many things during this conference but something that struck me was the divinity of our calling. He explained to us exactly how the First Presidency assigns mission calls and the process they go through. It is literally divine revelation from on high. As missionaries we have literally been called by God to represent his son Jesus Christ where he needs us. Out of the 80,000 missionaries in the world My Heavenly father wanted me here. In D&C 100:4 we learn that the Lord has placed us here for the salvation of souls. Out of all the missionaries I have been called here to Nicaragua at this time because out of all the people I was the best option to come here and bring souls unto Christ. The Lord is all knowing and I have been placed here because it was "convient for the Salvation of ALMAS". I never understood how incredible my calling was until Elder Soares explained it. I am more determined than ever now to give my ALL in every moment so that I can represent Christ in the best way possible. I am determined to do exactly what He would do if He were here. How grand is this calling! Elder Soares then went on to teach us how we can be better representatives of Jesus Christ and what we must do to become more like Him. It is a HUGE task and I know it is a lifelong one but I feel so blessed to be on this trek. I feel so blessed to have knowledge of this Gospel, have the chance to know my Savior and the chance to grow and become more like him. This year as a New Years goal, I started reading the New Testament. I feel so close to my Savior when I am learning more about His life. He literally gave us the perfect example and we can put complete trust in Him. I know He lives. I know this is His work. He is changing my life and the lives of all that come unto Him. I am truly blessed to be His representative during this time! 

Hey I have to go. I love you so much and miss you dearly!!  Thanks for all you do for me. You guys are the BEST!! LOVES!!

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