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Hi everyone! The past year since returning home from my mission has been full of ups and downs. From marrying my best friend to finding out I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Every day is a learning experience. I am learning to be happy despite any challenge. I wanted to create a place where I can share my stories and experiences so others might find more hope for happiness.

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Last Letter from the Mission Field

Well I don’t have much time today but I wanted to send a quick note.
Mostly I just want to express how grateful I am for the chance I have
had to serve the sweet ppl of Nicaragua and my Lord. The mission has
changed my life. I will cherish and remember these moments forever.
Nicaragua will ALWAYS be in my heart. I feel so blessed to have been
able to get to know my Savior better and help the ppl here get to know
Him as well. The people I have met, the spirit I have felt and the
pure love of Christ that has grown in my heart have changed me for
I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I know He lives and loves us. I know
this is His work and that nothing is impossible for Him. I love my
sweet brothers and sisters here and cant wait to live with them again
in the eternities. I love being a missionary and will be one for the
rest of my life. Thank you for your love and support.

Because I have been given much I too must give.


Hermana Kendall


I Know Christ Lives!

Happy 21st Birthday!
A few pictures from the Leaders Council

Well the past couple weeks have been really crazy. I have had many experiences that I will never forget. We have faced several challenges but the Lord has always been there leading and guiding us. I feel so grateful for His guidance and constant love. Prayer has changed my life. I love talking to God. I know He listens to me and knows me perfectly. I feel so grateful that He is always willing to talk back as well.

This week has probably been one of the hardest of all my life but also one of the most beautiful. I have never felt the Spirit and love of God so strongly in all my life. After facing several challenges this week I went into our meeting with Elder Alonso with a heart full of prayers and questions. And the Lord answered me. Elder Alonso is really incredible and I learned so much from him. I felt such a beautiful spirit throughout the entire meeting and I received lots of revelation. I was in charge of a choir and it went so well. Hermana Miza and I also sang a duet that turned out really nice as well. After almost the whole meeting I felt very content with all that I had learned and felt. And then the Lord extended his love towards me even more. Elder Alonso felt prompted to bestow upon us an apostolic blessing before leaving and it was the most beautiful blessing I have ever heard. Family, it was in this moment that I came to know that God is my father. He is aware of me and He loves me. I felt as if He was there talking to me and comforting me. I will never forget this moment. I know miracles exist and that with God nothing is impossible.

I was able to talk with Elder Alonso after the meeting and he helped me to feel so much peace and love in my heart. It was a sacred experience for me that I will hold dear forever. I look forward to sharing it with you. The next day we had Consejo with Presidente, Elder Alonso, Elder Beck and Elder Durante. It was a meeting that I will never forget. I felt such a sweet and powerful spirit. I learned so much from Gods servants and can't wait to put it all into practice.

I just want to say that I know Christ lives and that his atonement is real. I know that all the wrong in the world can be made right by Him. I love being a missionary. This experience has changed my life for forever and I look forward to being a missionary all my life.

Love you all!
Hermana Kendall


Chips, Oreos, and Coke

Multi Zona en Leon! I learned a TON! Presidente is the best.

My lunch cita for 5 months, Hermana Cony, isn't going to be able to
cook for us any more.. :( love her so much. Not sure what we are going to do-
For the moment we are eating a lot of chips, oreos and coke in the house haha

My daughter's first baptism:)


Somethings Never Change

Last week we made lunch with Rene and his mom. 

 It was some kind of soup. 

I of course ended up getting dirty and had to try and wash off there in their home.
Somethings never change.

Today we had a zone activity and we all got a little messy!
 It was fun to be with the entire zone though!

District Naranjo

Zona Chinandega Oeste

My new companion HERMANA MIZA! She is the cutest ever.
 I feel so lucky to be her companion.

Hermana Alan, Her daughter, Hermana Miza and YO!

Pday activity with the leaders.

Last week Hermano E___ made us the most delicious meal.
 He is the best!
The next week we were back to cooking, but with Hermana M___. 

 I am going to be a pro at cooking rice after the mission!

It finally started to rain this week and all the nicas are dying from the cold haha......
me too actually.
 We showed up one night and V_ was wearing this.
HAHAHA we all had a good laugh.

O__ was baptized. She was beaming all day long!
 Love HER!!
Ps. Hermana Nubia made her the baptism dress. Too cute!

Okay so much has happened the past couple weeks and I don’t think I can remember it all, let alone get it down on paper so... I am going to try and do bullet points of the highlights!

- Hermana O__ was BAPTIZED! She is so amazing. I love teaching her and listening to her testimony. She is really intelligent and is giving her all to change and better herself. She is a great example to her family and was glowing the day of her baptism. Love her!

- Hermano R__ invited us to lunch at his house and we showed up early to help cook. His mom got a good laugh out of watching me try and cook... Oh no. I don’t think I will ever learn. I love Hermano R__. He really wants to be his best. He is going through a hard time right now because his machine to cut wood broke and he is a carpenter. I know with the faith he can see miracles and find the work he needs.

- Hermano E__ is as pilas as every. He is always reading the Book of Mormon and has stopped drinking coffee! WOOHOO. Presidente had the chance to meet him and they were both impressed with each another. He will be baptized this Saturday. HE is so charismatic. All the members are so EXCITED and so many of the other hermanas have met him because of divisions and are always asking me about him. His baptism is going to be full! We are working with his wife and I know she is going to come along.

-The last week of changes was CRAZY! We were in all sorts of meetings and divisions but we finished strong. I love Hermana Alan. I am so sad we couldn’t be comps longer. I learned so much from her and love her a lot. I am glad she is still close and we still get to work together as TLs.

-I got a NEW COMP!!! Hermana Miza is my new companion. She is from Guatemala, is 20 years old, has been a member all her life and is full of energy. She is still adjusting to the mission but is doing GREAT! Being with her is making me remember when I started the mission. It is crazy to see where I started and where I have come. From SURVIVING the days to wishing there was more time every day to keep visiting. I know the mission is really hard at the start but I just keep trying to animate her and help her love the mission as much as I do. It is interesting to remember what things were important to me at the start of my mission and how much those things have change. To lose yourself in the work is a beautiful thing. I love being a MISSIONARY!

-Hermana Alan is training as well and is in the area next to me. Our companions are SO PILAS and the Lord put them with us for a reason. They have to put up with doing their training and being a part of divisions all week long. The Lord trusts them so much!

-We got to go to presidente's house to get our new comps! It was awesome! 30 new missionaries came and a ton were Nortes. Seeing all the newbies made me think about Branson. I can’t believe he is leaving so soon. He will be great! Every generation of missionaries is more prepared.

-It finally started to rain this week and it is so nice!!! Well it is nice when it comes to heat but it is a little challenging trying to walk through the flooded streets!

-This week I experienced the craziest HAILstorm of my life. IT HAILED MARBLE SIZED ICE HERE!!! IT was INSANE! Everyone was really scared by it. It was SO LOUD. Imagine being in a house with a tin roof when those things are falling. Pretty crazy.

- Our mission has the goal to baptize 103 families this month. It is a HUGE goal and I know we can accomplish it. Hermana Miza and I are working out TAILS off to baptize families and ppl. We can’t do it a lone though we are really looking towards the Lord and seeking out His help. I know we can see miracles everyday when we are connected with the heavens.

- M__ and V__ are so ready. They just have to set aside their fear and go forward. Please remember them in your prayers. I love them with all my heart and want to see this miracle for them.

- This week we need to FIND! Find all those that are going to be baptized this month. Please join us in prayer to find the investigators!

I know there is a lot more, but I cant think of it right now. I am loving the mission and wish the time would slow down! El Naranjo needs to grow. I have lots of goals for this ward and hope to see them all accomplished before I leave. Please pray for the retention of New converts, Less actives, and the members. I want to give my all to the Lord and see the miracles here. I hope to do His will every day!

Love you all!!!!!

Hermana Kendall

P.s. I fell out of a tricyculo this week... haha it was pretty hilarious. Everyone came running to help me up.... oh brother.

P.p.s. Love you BRANSON!