GIANT RATS to Families Searching for the Truth

The old school mouse trap we put out. That is the food we tried to trick it with!

This week has been really special. We have been blessed with a sweet spirit and have been able to work with so many choice people! We had many experiences that I will never forget. From GIANT RATS to families searching for the truth. 

This week while on divisions I was able to work with two new sisters, Hermana Ponce, from Honduras, and Hermana Reyes from El Salvador. It has been so fun working with the new sisters these past couple of weeks. I am learning a lot from them. Hermana Ponce and I worked in my area this week and we found MANY investigators. I loved teaching with her because she teaches so simply and clear. She teaches in such a way that the ppl understand. She has a giant testimony and I know she is going to change many ppls lives through her hard work. 

Hermana Reyes is a real example for me. She is the only active member in her family. Her mom lives in Panama and Her dad in the States. She doesn’t talk with either of them and they aren’t members. She lives with her Gma and brother, both of which are less active. She made the decision to leave and serve the Lord. She has such a genuine testimony and is learning how to share it with others in a way that touches them. We worked on putting fechas this day and she put her FIRST FECHA! She was beyond thrilled after and made the goal to place 1 fecha every day this week. PILAS!

I love doing divisions of course but it was great to work with Hermana Alan again afterwards. She is the best. We really have been blessed with so many new investigators and positive families this week. We have found families that were going to church and stopped just because missionaries left but that are now ready to be baptized. We have found families that are looking for God in their lives and families that LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON. My favorite family of all though is V___ AND M___! Ahh I LOVE this family. They are so special to me. They remind me a lot of Corina and Enrique. They are looking for the truth. V__ told us that he has been searching for God and wants to communicate with Him in the right way in His true church. M___ is the SWEETEST woman on this planet and loves her husband so much. She is really shy but wants to know the truth and is willing to follow him. They are reading the Book of Mormon and LOVE IT. They both have a strong testimony that it is true and are praying for help to keep the commandments. They are working towards being baptized the 27th of this month. WE NEED LOTS of prayers so they can reach their goal. I know with all my heart that they are chosen of God. I know they can be an eternal family and that this is their time. After Sunday School V___ gave the closing prayer and thanked God for leading him to the truth. LOVE THEM!

This week we also had one of the most incredible lessons of my whole mission with a woman named A___. She was a referral from one member and is SO READY! When we went by her house to teach her she had been waiting for us and was so eager to learn about Christ. She shared her testimony with us of the role God has played in her life. She has had so many experiences that have prepared her to receive the gospel. We were all in tears as she shared her life trials and triumphs with us. After teaching the restoration she told us she was going to pray and ask God if this is the truth, if she receives her answer she will be baptized and all her family as well. I love her. She is a cancer patient and is suffering from many complications right now. I know the gospel is what she needs. Please pray for her so that she can overcome Satan and the world, trust in the Lord and be baptized. 

I love being a missionary. This is the Lords work. He leads and directs us. 

Love you all!!
Hermana Kendall 

P.s. This week has been OUTRAGEOUSLY HOT!!!!!!!! Hermana Alan and I couldn’t sleep because it was too hot in our house at night and we would have to ring out our clothes from sweat after lunch every day...GROSSS!!!!!!!!!

P.P.S. Like I said last week we are suffering from a giant RAT problem. And I mean SUFFERING! We killed one last week and thought we were safe. Sadly, our neighbors told us they saw another one run into our house one night. PANICKING we put out poison, traps and more poison! All the members were searching for methods to kill the nasty things for us haha. After 3 days of not catching anything we assumed it had eaten the poison and died...Oh were we wrong. This morning we woke up to a HUGE RAT IN OUR TRAP!!!!!!!!!! We obviously ran out SCREAMING and our neighbor had to take it and kill it. NO MORE RATS!!!!!!!


Gummy Worms and a Rat

We baptized 102 FAMILIES this month!

Finally the photos of my FAMILY! I love these two with all my heart.
 They are so special and it has been incredible to see their conversion.

We put fecha with this family to during divisions.
 She kept saying we were long lost sisters because she is white!

The first week of JULY!! I say it every week but I can’t believe how quickly the time is going by. It just isn’t fair!  We were able to start off the week with Council in Managua. Where we learned that we had accomplished the goal of 102 FAMILIES!!! WHAT A MIRACLE. It was so fun being able to hear the miracles that all the missionaries were able to see this past month. The Lord really carried us through the trials and challenges and blessed us with such an incredible miracle. We were able to evaluate what things we did well and how we are going to continue baptizing EVERY WEEK!

This week we also were able to do divisions with two new missionaries. 9 new sisters came this change and it is going to be a blast working with them all. It was so fun seeing their faith and desire to learn. It reminded me so much of when I was starting the mission. I know I have already said it but the missionaries are coming more and more prepared every time. The Lord really is hastening His work and He can see the potential of this mission. He is sending the best of the bests. I worked with Hermana Reyes who has 1 week in the mission. We had a great time putting fechas. She had told me that she had a little bit of fear to put fechas so we made the goal to invite EVERY CONTACT to be baptized. It was fun to see her grow and improve throughout the day. I know they are going to see countless miracles in their area.

I was also lucky enough to do divisions with Hermana Raymond, the TL in Managua. I learned SO MUCH FROM HER! She is an incredible missionary and we felt such a special spirit through out the day. (I was also shocked at how much COOLER Managua is than Chinandega. I was a little Cold! What the??) I loved learning how to teach more simply and powerfully. She teaches with a great love and power. We were able to put fechas, find news and commit ppl to change their lives. I always love learning from the other hermanas and then applying those things in my work.

Hermana Alan and I weren’t able to work many days together but the days that we did have together were AWESOME!! Chinandega has been RIDICULOUSLY HOT this week and I am burnt to a crisp but it has all been worth it because of the experiences we have had. Every day we have been finding positive families that want to change their lives. We can see that the Lord really is putting ppl in our path and we are doing EVERYTHING in our power to help them. We are working with 10 families right now but the most positive is D__ and D__! Okay this family is GOLDEN. They are a young couple and have 3 children. They are so in love and are looking for the truth. They are committed to be baptized but need to go to church. We did OUR EVERYTHING to take them to church this past week but it just didn’t happen. I KNOW with the members help we can take them next week. We would love your prayers so we can help them be baptized and start their new life in the True gospel. We are also working with E__ and A__ and V__ and M___. They are both really positive families that have so many questions. They are reading the Book of Mormon right now and I have all the confidence that the Spirit is going help them know that this is the truth.  We are also trying to reactive E__, R__ and then baptize their kids. They came to church this week (YAYA!!) and loved it. I know they can be an eternal family and we are so happy to continue helping them. We really are seeing miracles EVERY DAY! WE have several ppl that are progressing towards baptize but just need assistance with church members. Please pray that each and every one of them will commit to the Lord to keep His commandments and attend church. I know the Spirit will invite them to do it if we exercise the faith and pray for them daily.

We are working like crazies right now to help the sisters and take care of our area. We really can see how the Lord is helping us and guiding us every day. I know as we are obedient and do our part the Lord will show us the miracles. I love the mission and feel so blessed to be here EVERY DAY (even when I am melting).

Hermana Kendall

P.S. WE HAD A GIANT RAT in our house. I mean GIANT!!!!! It snuck in EVERY NIGHT and when we woke up in the morning we could see where it had been from its poop...NOO!!!!! Well one day when getting home from divisions we sat down to pray and all of a sudden saw the GIANT RAT RUN UP THE WALL!!!! I wish you could have seen our faces, pure TERROR!!! We were screaming bloody murder and Left RUNNING from our house. We ran to our neighbors and asked them to kill it. THEY DID EVERYTHING in their power to kill it but sadly it got away from them... NO! They gave us an OLD SCHOOL TRAP (wooden with cheese) and told us to put it out at night. Well we put it out and when we woke up the cheese was gone but the rat wasn’t there. Turns out IT IS A SMARTIE PANTS. Well we were not going to go one more minute with the nasty thing so we decided to put gummy worms in the trap and try it.........I left for Managua and anxiously awaited the call that night. FINALLY at 10pm my comp texted me and told me they had killed it!! WOOT!!!! We can now sleep in PEACE!......... well we thought so. Our neighbor told us this morning she saw another giant rat this morning. Please No!  We already put out the trap and poison. I'll let you know how it goes this week.


High Goals

This week has been SO FULL of MIRACLES! Seriously this whole month has really just blown me away. It is amazing to see how the Lord is working here in Nicaragua, especially in CHINANDEGA. I was so blessed to see so many miracles this month and it ended with one of the sweetest experiences of my mission. I am so grateful for the Lords patience with me and my weaknesses. I am still so amazed that He has allowed me to be a part of these ppls lives and help them get to know the true gospel.

This week Hermana Alan and I have been working so hard. We always get home exhausted! It is such a good feeling :) I love knowing I really did give the best of myself. Anyways, we have found SO MANY positive and new families. I am so excited to continue working with each one of them and help them work towards baptism and becoming an eternal family. Hermana Alan and I get along great and it is so fun learning from her. We have a lot in common and such a strong desire to see miracles this month. We have set HIGH GOALS and are determined to complete them. What I love knowing is that if we truly are obedient and give our ALL we have the Lords promise. We WILL REACH OUR GOALS. Our Heavenly Father has to complete with His promises when we complete with our part and we are determined to do it. We are striving every day to be better, be obedient and be guided by the Spirit!

We were able to work with SEVERAL new hermanas this week in divisions. We are now over 11 companionships of SISTERS! Ahh. 6 of which are training. We have a TON of new sisters in our 2 zones and in the mission as a whole. I think with in the next 2 changes EVERYBODY will be training. Presidente even put two newbies together, CRAZY. I LOVE getting to know all the new sisters and working with them. It seems like every new generation of missionaries is more prepared. Seriously the sisters outstand me. I already love them all and can’t wait for them to see the miracles here in Nicaragua. Today, while talking with them, I was remembering my first weeks in the mission and how hard they were. It was great to testify to them that the mission really is the most special experience in all the world and that their lives are going to change. I know it is hard for them right now but I can’t wait to watch them fall in Love with the mission just as I have.

I was able to work with Hermana Gamboa this week. She is from Mexico and I always love working with her. This week I learned how to ask more inspired questions from her. I loved watching her find and discern the investigators needs by asking inspired questions and then teaching them according to their needs. I was also able to work with Hermana Zepeda (also from Mexico) and Hermana Sadquic, from Guatemala. I learned LOVE from them both on how to really love those we work with. It is the greatest way to help others recognize us as Christ’s representatives. I feel so blessed to learn from the sisters every week.

Okay I know you are all dying to know about our family, G___ and F___. Well......... THEY WERE BAPTIZED AND MARRIED SATURDAY NIGHT! Seriously I can’t even explain how big of a miracle their baptism was. I feel extremely blessed to have been able to be a part of it. All week they had been excited and ready to be baptized. We were visiting them daily with the bishop and other members, reading the Book of Mormon together and teaching them the restored Gospel. Well Friday rolled around and when we passed by for their interview they weren’t home. Their son came running up to us and told us that their other son was deathly ill in the hospital and they had been there ALL DAY! We were SO worried for them and began praying and fasting for them immediately. Saturday we went by early in the morning and they were still in the hospital.  They don't have a cell phone so there was really nothing we could do but pray. And that is exactly what we did. We prayed and then left to work. When we returned 1 hour later G__, F___ and their son had returned. 1st miracle. Their son was still deathly ill though and G__ was heart broken crying. We quickly called the elders over and they gave blessing to the whole family. Afterwards G__ said that she knew what they needed to do was prepare for their wedding and baptism so they could receive the Lords blessings and His help. They quickly got ready and we left. 2nd miracle. As we got to the church they were greeted by almost ALL THE MEMBERS! Everyone showed up to support them and they felt so incredible. They looked beyond happy and animated to take this step. 3rd miracle. They had a BEAUTIFUL baptism service and wedding. They left feeling so loved and supported.  They are so special to me. I love this family with all my heart. I know they were chosen by God to be baptized at this time and change their lives. I can’t wait to continue helping them endure in the Gospel and prepare to be an eternal family (with their 12 CHILDREN, which we are teaching.) Thank you so much for your prayers, faith and encouragement this month and with this family. I know that God is a God of miracles. I know He listens to our prayers and answers them. This month we need to work even HARDER to see that many more miracles. And I know we can do it.

I love you guys so much!!

Hermana Kendall

P.S. This week we found the BIGGEST RAT I have ever seen in my whole life in our house! Seriously the size of a CAT. You better believe I was screaming and running around like a sissy girl.

P.p.s. I know you are all wondering how we did as a mission with our goal of 102 families this month. Well we still haven’t heard a definite number but last we heard was 99!!! AHHH. Tomorrow we have consejo and we will find out for sure. We will also put the new goal for this month. We need to start exercising the faith and praying NOW for all the families that will be baptized in JULY!


Goodbyes are so HARD!

The biggest volcano in Central America is in our area!
 Really pretty and I finally took a pic.
A dog totally bit me this week! Crazy DOG!
Part of our District
This is the family!  I thought you would like to meet the answer to
 all our prayers.  Thanks for praying for them always.
 They will be getting married and baptized SATURDAY!

Hermana LescaƱa and Ileana - Love my girls!

Teaching with Hermana Baten. MISS HER already!

 Hermana Sandra-LOVE HER!
 She is my soul sister here in Nicaragua!

This week was very strange for Hermana Baten and me. As much as she tried to not think about the fact that she was leaving it was always there in the back of her mind. She had many tiny panic attacks and we cried a lot together. I definitively wasn’t ready to see her go. The time went by WAY TOO QUICKLY! I learned so much from her and we were able to see so many miracles together.

Our last week together was FULL of miracles. As I explained before, last week was our stake conference. The conference was really incredible.  All the investigators that attended were able to receive an answer and confirmation from the spirit that this IS the true church. It was after this conference that G__ decided to be baptized. She said she felt something she had never felt before and knew with all her heart that this was the only true church. S___ was also able to receive her answer to be baptized as well! It really was a conference of miracles. I feel so grateful for the speakers, their preparation, the members and their friendship, but I am especially grateful for the Spirit that was present. It is just so evident to me that we really don’t do much in this work. It is the work of the Lord and it is His spirit that converts. The Lord just gives us the sweet privilege of being a small part and seeing the miracles.

This week I really was able to feel the spirit working through us and helping us in every aspect of the week.  I love being able to invite the spirit into peoples homes and helping them get to know their Savior Jesus Christ. The difference they can feel is so apparent and they have a desire to feel it more in their lives. I just feel so blessed to be a Representative of Jesus Christ. I am sad it is for such a short time but it is a privilege to wear Christ’s name on my chest everyday and strive to be more like Him. It is incredible that as we try to become more like Christ we are able to more fully perform our responsibilities. This week has been all about faith and prayer. I have learned so much by talking with my Heavenly Father in earnest prayer, working and then putting my faith in Him. If we are obedient, work hard and do our part we have the promise of His blessings and that is exactly what we have seen this week.

I know that God listens to us. I know it because He is listening to me. And he is responding. I love talking with my Heavenly Father every day and asking for His advice and guidance. I know He loves us and He wants me to help His children here. So I will continue to talk with Him and search for those that are ready to hear the Gospel while inviting others to come unto Christ. The Lord is answering our prayers and I can’t wait to see G___ and F___ enter into the waters of Baptism. I know that we have to continue exercising faith and doing our part to help them. Satan is quick. But I know this is their time and they are going to be able to make this sacred covenant with their Heavenly Father.

This Sunday R__ was also able to get baptized. He is the best! He was so excited and ready for his baptize. He doesn’t really have family here, he now feels like he has a big family to help him. The Lord is hastening His work. The ppl are prepared. We just need to act as Christ would and invite our brothers and sisters to partake of the sweet fruit that we are enjoying.

Well, Hermana Baten left yesterday. It was SO hard saying goodbye to her. I pray I will be able to see her again some day. She is very dear to my heart and such a special missionary. I am forever grateful for the chance I had to work with her and learn so much. It made me sad to think some day I will have to say goodbye to Nicaragua as well. I am no where close to being ready for that day to come. The mission is my life now and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I love you all!!
Hermana Kendall

P.S. My new companion is Hermana Alan. She is from Costa Rica and is the cutest! I know we are going to see tons of miracles together. This is her First time being TL and she has the same amount of time in the mission as I did when I became TL. I know we are going to work GREAT together and SUPER HARD! We are going to be over two zones once again. There are A LOT more sisters this time. Last change we were over 8 companionships. Now we are over 11! And 6 of them are TRAINING! So many newbies came this change. It is going to be CRAZY!