Fast and Crazy

Here I am with my GIRLS!! Love them! 

Miller and I (working on our fitness) at pizza hut with a LARGE cinnamon stick. 
 We have problems.... 

Last day with Miller! 

We have started English classes every week at the church. It is a HUGE success. 
 It is adorable to see all the adults, teenagers and kids helping each another out. 

My new companion, one of the SWEETEST girls in the entire mission, 
Hermana GONZALES! 

This week really has been so fast and CRAZY! I can’t even begin to explain how quickly the time is going by. It is a little stressful because I NEVER want the mission to end. I honestly can say I feel like I am in a dream world and I never want to leave.

Well Tuesday, I said goodbye to the BEST comp ever, Hermana Miller and start a new companionship. As luck has it, I once again got put with one of the SWEETEST girls in the entire mission, Hermana GONZALES! She really is a sweetheart through and through. I already love her SO MUCH! I can tell my Spanish did get a little worse while I was with Hermana Miller but Gonzales is AWESOME and I know she is going to help me out so much. She speaks English PERFECTLY (language interpretations is her major) but we only speak in Spanish. It is great because she can help me with all the little things now. She said my Spanish is great and there are just little things we can fix up so I can sound like a NATIVE!   Gonzales is from Guatemala and has 4 months in the mission. We are the TL´s over...drum roll...Villa Flor and TIPITAPA!!!!!! Yes I get to go back and visit all my converts and friends there!!! I seriously couldn’t be ANY HAPPIER! Enrique called me this week when he found out I was coming and was SO EXCITED, as well as Corina. We were all squealing on the phone in excitement. He also bore his testimony to me over the phone and wanted me to know he is working hard and staying true to the FAITH! I love them!

I think I want to call this week our week of MIRACLES! Because we honestly saw miracles every single DAY!  This week Gonzales and I have been working SUPER hard to find new families and new investigators to teach. We have been extremely blessed to find several very positive families to teach this week and help progress towards baptism. We also have been showered with referrals this week! I mean SHOWERED! Referrals are the way to go. It insures investigators will have support and friends throughout the whole processes. This whole week has really inspired Hermana Gonzales and I to work super hard. We have been praying to find the people who really are in search of the truth and the Lord is really putting them in our way!

I wish I had time to tell you about all the miracles we saw this week but I just want to tell you about one.   Last Sunday we received a referral from one of the members in our Ward. That night we went to go visit her friend, E_. The visit went so well! E_ felt the spirit very strongly and was super excited to go to church the following Sunday. She has visited several churches but has never felt like any really "fit". She really is looking for the TRUTH! So Sunday morning we showed up to take her to church and she was ready and excited! We all went and she LOVED IT! LOVED IT I tell you. Despite the fact that the Sunday school teacher didn’t end up coming so I had to come up with a lesson there on the spot... I would have never agreed to do that before and especially not in Spanish but hey that’s what the mission does to you haha.   Later Sunday night we went over to her house with the intention of putting the FECHA! We got there and the spirit immediately consumed me. We sang a hymn and said a prayer and then she immediately started bearing her testimony to us. She said she knows with all her heart this church is what she has been looking for and what she has been missing. She knows it is the ONLY true church and wants to be a part of it for the rest of the eternities. She said she has never felt so close to her Heavenly Father and the Love of her Savior more strongly. She said she left the church feeling like a weight she had been carrying for years and years had been lifted off and she was finally free. We were all in tears by the end of her testimony. She then said, " I want to be baptized in the church of God." WHAT THE!!? Seriously, I will never forget that moment. I felt the spirit so clearly testifying to me she is chosen from God and he has an incredible plan for her life. I really feel like she is my long lost sister and I CAN'T wait for her to be able to enter into the waters of baptism and receive the Holy Ghost as her constant companion if she chooses to live righteously all the days of her life! Needless to say she will be baptized next Sunday after church :)

This Sunday,  A_ was baptized. He is so AWESOME! The baptism was really special and powerful. A TON of the members showed up and were so supportive of him. I know he could feel the love of his Celestial Family very clearly in that moment. After his baptism he got up and shared his testimony with everyone. Those are always the most rewarding moments. He testified that he KNOWS this church is true and this gospel really has changed his life. I love him a LOT! I can’t wait for you guys to meet him one day. He seems like someone dad would really get along with ;)

Needless to say, this week has been a good one and I am looking forward to all the miracles we will be able to see next week. 

I love the mission life. There is nothing more rewarding than helping someone realize their divine potential and purpose in life. To help someone get to know their Savior and experience his redeeming Power. This Church is True. I know it and I will never deny it!

I love you all with all my heart! I always keep you in my prayers and in my thoughts! So happy we are an eternal FAMILY! 

Love, Hermana Kendall

Ps. Sunday night after our dinner cita the family we ate with sent us home in a taxi.... (Moto taxi. It is basically like a four-wheeler Hehe) and all I could think on the way home was "I wish I could bottle this moment up and then share it with my family when I get back." I think that several times a day. Nicaragua is the BEST! My comp was pretty stoked too.  She has never had a dinner cita before let alone a TAXI RIDE PAYED FOR. La 14 is the BEST AREA! How have I gotten so lucky!

Oh I was going to tell you two funny experiences this week.  Last Monday Miller and I were waiting in the grocery line and Miller was just staring at my head. All of a sudden she plucked a hair out. I was like "OW what was that for." She said, " I just thought you would like to see your first GRAY HAIR!" We both looked at each other and then at the hair and I said " Wait.... but I’m just 20." We both bust out laughing at that point. Yes I am 20 and am already getting gray hairs. I guess that’s what happens when you are a stress case!

So Thursday night we were in our house and I was giving numbers to our DL when I hear my comp say in English "Is that alive?" And points to something in the corner. She said it so calmly but had a terrified look on her face. I had NO idea what it could be and didn’t have the guts to look so I asked "What?" And she said "A tarantula." She said it again so calmly I still didn’t believe her! After going back and forth saying "I don’t believe you." "NO, I am serious!" I finally got the guts to look. Lo and behold there was a GIANT TARANTULA! Seriously GIANT!! I immediately started screaming and ran onto  my TABLE! My comp was so scared but handled it much better than me! She calmly got my neighbor and they worked on killing it. While I ran across the table screaming. For a minute they lost it... my neighbor said sorry and was about to go back home! I was not about to let that happen and SLEEP with it in the house! I SAID NO DON'T GO! And thankfully the tarantula came running out again. MY neighbor quickly STOMPED ON IT and yellow guts came out EVERY WHERE!!! It was disgusting. I was so grateful it was dead though. I still had the hebejebes so my comp had to clean up the guts AND THEN I came down from my table hahahah. I am so grateful for LATINAS!!!

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