Dead Tired!

Changes are happening tomorrow.  Miller is going BACK to Chinandega and she really is so sad. She has already been there, but I know she will find success out there. I will still be a sister training leader and I am going to be training my new comp to be a sister training leader. I have NEVER MET HER and neither has anyone else in the mission apparently haha.  I am mostly sad Miller is leaving... I will miss her a lot.  Right now my area La 14 is shared with a companionship of elders. Well they both leaving and they are putting in two more hermanas. This is where the good news comes in. One of them is HERMANA TEICHERT!!!!! AHHHH I am so excited we are going to share the same ward and have meetings together all the time!! It is going to be LEGIT!!! And we will get to do divisions together regularly because as Leaders we have to do changes with the girls EVERY WEEK!!! I am so pumped for it!

This week Miller and I had divisions with the Girls who work in Villa Flor about 30 mins from our area by bus. Miller and I got to the bus and we were both DEAD TIRED! We really just wanted to take a nap on the bus. Normally we would NEVER take a nap because you have to be alert and ready for your stop when it comes up. However, we had already been to their area once and we knew their area was the LAST bus stop for this bus.  So we would arrive at their area and the bus would stay there.  Therefore, we both decided to take advantage of this time and nap a little.  About 40 mins later we both wake up as the bus is pulling up to its last stop and we are the only two left. We look around and don’t recognize ONE THING!! We hurriedly run to the front of the bus and ask the bus driver where we were. He quickly responded with a strange name neither of us recognized... Turns out we got on the wrong bus... DARN IT haha. It was actually hilarious. Thankfully, the bus driver was really sweet and offered to take us where we needed to go EVEN THOUGH IT WAS SUPER FAR!! We finally got there all in one piece. The divisions were AWESOME! I took so much away from them and had some really special experiences. I got energized to work my VERY hardest to bring more of Gods Children into his kingdom!

I also have had the chance to start reading my Ensign this week.... FINALLY!!! Wow conference was INCREDIBLE. I am sad I missed it in October but I LOVE reading all the talks and studying the words of our prophets or rather our Heavenly Father. I love studying every talk and picking out what it is I need to do to improve and become more like Christ. I LOVED Holland’s talk.... wow. This morning I read Ballard’s talk and it may be my new FAVORITE talk. I want to encourage you ALL to read it and then apply the principles in your life. It is all about missionary work and how EVERY MEMBER can be a member. I love knowing that. I never want to stop being a part of this work. It is just too incredible. The LORD is hastening his work and he is doing it through the MEMBERS! We all have a huge responsibility to bring this Gospel to all the inhabitants of the earth. What greater calling or work is there? I want to encourage you ALL to prayerfully seek for ONE person to share the Gospel with this year. I know if you honestly and faithfully seek for Missionary experiences the Lord will provide you with them. There is nothing more rewarding than sharing the greatest joy in this world with someone else. I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!!!

I testify that this is the Lords work and He will bring His gospel to the entire world with or without our help. However, we can do this and we can help him accomplish this work more quickly! We can help our Brothers and Sisters in this world get to know their Savior and change their lives. I testify that NOW is the time to work with members. I have seen miracles here in the field from working with the members. Even just last night we had the most incredible lesson with one of the women in our ward. She met a girl on the street one day and invited her to church then made an appointment for US TO GO VISIT HER. We have only had one visit with her but because of this member and her testimony the Lord was able to touch her and she is preparing to be baptized. I know we can all have these experiences with frequency if we put our trust in the Lord and go to WORK!!

So I don’t have much more time today but I just want to express my gratitude for my Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. I think what has been most special about being a missionary is getting to know my Savior a little better and learning to understand and use his atoning sacrifice in my life EVERY DAY. I know he lived! He lived a perfect life, serving others, spreading his perfect gospel over the land and submitting to the will of the Father in ALL THINGS. He died for me. I still can’t fully comprehend that part but I know he did. I know he suffered for my sins and died so that I might live. He didn’t just do it for me though he did it for all mankind. He loves us with all his heart.  I am so grateful for Him and his endless mercy. I know I am imperfect and weak and I have so many things to change EVERY DAY, however, I also know I can overcome all these things with the help of my Savior Jesus Christ. He has already taken care of it all. He is waiting with His arms open and extended for us to come unto Him. I will work hard EVERY DAY so I may live more like him and strive to be worthy of His Spirit. I love my brother Jesus Christ and I am so grateful I get to share this message with the sweet ppl of Nicaragua. Christ LIVES and He can save us if we just follow him. Why would we wait?? The day to change is Here! This church is true. I know it with all my heart and nobody can stop me from sharing it with the world!

I love you all so much!! Send my love on to the family. Gma, gpa, nana, papa the WHOLE GANG!! Until next week!

Hermana Kendall

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