Weeks are Flying By!

This week has flown! I can’t believe I am here writing you guys again. We’ve had our ups and downs this week but we are excited to get working again tonight and see the miracles the Lord has in store for this week.

Tuesday was a fun day for me because I was able to work with Hermana Salinas. She is an AWESOME sister and was in this area a year ago. We were able to feel a really special spirit together and laugh a LOT. My favorite lesson was with G__ and F___. Turns out that she had taught them once when she was here! It is crazy to see how the Lord truly prepares his sons and daughters to receive the gospel. We taught them The Plan of Salvation and that the key that opens the door to the Celestial Kingdom is baptism. They were both very interested in that point and said they were willing to work towards receiving their key and entering into Gods kingdom. We were so happy to see their desire to be baptized and we are going to do EVERYTHING in our power to help them accomplish it.

Tuesday it rained HARD and we were walking through a literal river of sewage. Our area is REALLY dirty and I still cringe thinking about what we walked through.... Oh well we are Nicas now! After making our way through the river we finally got to R__ and E___ house. R__ is G___ daughter and she is a member, however, her husband is not. We had a great lesson about the restoration with them and E___ accepted a baptismal fecha. I am really excited about working with them as well. They are a cute young family and have a huge potential to become an eternal family!

It is always fun to be in divisions but it is always great to be back with my COMP! Hermana Baten and I were able to work REALLY hard this week in order to find new investigators and help those that we have continue progressing towards baptism. We have two investigators that I just LOVE, R___ and P__.  R__ is a single dad that works as a carpenter. He is super hard to find at home but ALWAYS makes time to listen to us. We love teaching him because he is sincere and really understands the message. He has a real desire to be baptized and change his life. He had an accident last year and can’t see very well so we have the privilege of reading the Book of Mormon to him. I LOVE reading the stories with him and watching him gain a testimony of it. He knows this is the True church and loves his Savior. His biggest challenge is that he works Sundays!! We are working hard with him so that he will be able to come to church with us and be baptized in the upcoming weeks.

Another really special investigator is P__. He is married and has children as well but they all attend different churches and don’t have the desire to listen to us at the moment. P___ is AMAZING. He LOVES the Book of Mormon and is ALWAYS reading it when we get to his house. He is really gaining a testimony and his life is changing through this book. I loved teaching the Plan of Salvation to him because he really had no idea that such a plan existed. We saw his eyes light up and his hope rise. He wants to keep the commandments and be baptized as well. He understands our message and believes it. His challenge as well is that he works SUNDAY! Darn it! We are working hard so that he can gain a testimony of the Sabbath Day and talk with his boss in order to go to church.

Well this week we had a Multi-zone conference with Presidente in Leon. It was fun to see all the other missionaries and a privilege to listen to Presidente as always. What I loved most about the reunion was what we learned about prayer. After watching a Mormon Message by the Prophet we learned that the answer to prayers is a miracle. The missionaries should always be praying to find the chosen and the chosen are praying to find the truth. When the missionaries are in tune to the spirit and connected with the heavens they will be led to those that are searching for the truth. Everything starts at our knees!

Well lastly, as you saw in the pictures, we were able to see D__ baptized this week. She is the BEST! She has such a beautiful testimony of the church and was anxious to be baptized. Her mom and brother are already members. The baptism was a little crazy but we made it happen. Saturday was her baptismal service but upon arriving at the church we were told there was NO WATER in the church. AHH NO! We had to reschedule for Sunday before church but D___ was still excited. Well Sunday morning rolls around and we receive the call that there is still no water!! After running around for HOURS trying to find a church with water and transportation to get us they, we were able to make it happen. We had a beautiful baptismal service and she was confirmed right after.

Every soul that comes to Christ and enters into the waters of baptism is a miracle. What a blessing to see so many miracles. I know as we continue to work hard we will see the miracle of 102 FAMILIES this month!!

Love you all!!
Hermana Kendall

P.s. Our awesome investigator M___ is who drove us all to the baptism.... He’s rich ;) So pilas!

P.p.s. Next week is Stake conference and I some how got talked into singing a solo......

P.p.p.s This week has been outrageously hot because we are awaiting the rain! The air is FULL of water and there is no wind. We are literally in a sauna...

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