A Sea Shell by Her Ear All Day!

Our super pday at the beautiful beach in CORINTO!

There was literally NOBODY on the beach! It was so much fun to go with all the Hermanas. I will just be paying for it tomorrow because I am SUPER SUN BURNT!
Hermana Teichert and I completed 13 months this week...
the time is passing way too quickly.

You better believe that it took us a good 15 tries to get that
jumping picture haha!

All the sisters in Corinto!

Hermana Batens last Mission Council!

I also got to see MILLER! It was an awesome council meeting!

I got to see Hermana GONZALES at the meetings this week!

We got DUMPED on this week! The rainy season has arrived!

I love my COMP!

So this week has been CRAZY here in Nicaragua! We are starting a new month and there is so much in store for the MISSION and us!

Tuesday we had meetings with the Presidente in Managua. The meetings were AWESOME this month. There was such a powerful spirit and we all received revelation. As a mission we made a goal to baptize one family in the month of June. Shortly after making the goal Presidente felt that the Lord wasn’t satisfied with our goal. So we went to work again and came up with a new goal... 102 FAMILIES! Yes, you read that right. The Lord is ready for us to break the mission record and see many miracles this month. We could all feel such a strong spirit in that moment and I know 102 families is the Lord's desire. He needs these members in His church and to help establish the church here. I am so excited to work and see this miracle.

The meetings were also really crazy because we have a TON of missionaries leaving the next 3 changes (and most of them are leaders). This change we have over 30 missionaries leaving and about 30 percent of them are leaders. It was sad to share their last meeting with them. The mission is really going to change over the next 3 changes. We have about 100 missionaries leaving and 100 coming. Almost EVERYONE will be training and the leadership is going to change a lot. President is going to be moving a lot of the leaders to make them trainers and help prepare the new generation of leaders. We will see what happens with me this next change.

After council meetings we are really animated to work. So we left with all the faith we could find and saw miracles. We have been able to find several new families and ppl and we are working TONS with the members. They are going to be the key if we want to make this goal. I am determined to baptize a family with Hermana Baten before she leaves. Along with working our tails off in our area, we have been doing a lot of divisions with the Sisters. I was able to work with a newbie in our area this week from Guatemala. It made me remember my first couple months in the mission. This sister is a LOT more pilas than I was haha. It is awesome to see how each generation of missionaries is that much more prepared. We had a good time working together and got DRENCHED! This day we did visits with the Seminary President of Central America to invite all the youth to seminary. It was fun to invite and help them understand the importance of Seminary in this time of their lives. The next day I was able to go with Hermana Wheat, who came one change after me, to her area and work. The 30th of May here is Mothers Day it is wild. Mothers Day in Central America is actually a HUGE holiday! Everyone was out drinking and partying all day. We got offered so MUCH CAKE! All the parties made it a Little hard to work but we still had success together. I loved working with her because she has such an exciting and happy attitude. I feel so blessed to be able to work with all the Sisters and learn so much from them everyday!

Well after being away from my comp for a few days I was so happy to see her and work with her again. We are teaching some incredible ppl and it was fun to visit them. One of my favorite investigators right now is R___. He is so special. He always reads his Book of Mormon and has tons of questions. He is so prepared and ready to be baptized. I always love visiting him and teaching him the truth. We also are working with a really special family, G___ and F___. We really feel like they are the family we will baptize this month. They have now gone to church 2 times and are good Friends of the Bishop. Now we just have to help them continue living the commandments and prepare to be baptized! But my favorite to visit is L____  and Saturday he was baptized! He is just so pilas. He couldn’t have been happier to enter into the waters of baptism and promise his Heavenly Father that he would always follow him. Maybe even more so than being baptized was his excitement to receive the Holy Ghost. He is going to be an amazing member and told us that he wants to prepare to serve a mission! We will see if he doesn’t get married before haha.

Well this week was really special and went by WAY TOO QUICKLY! We had rainstorms EVERY DAY (which I love because it cools us off for a moment), mothers day talent shows, divisions, meetings with president, a baptism and a fast Sunday I won't forget (A__ and M___ shared their testimony. Love them!) Miracles everyday.

The mission is the best. I love every moment I have to be a representative of Jesus Christ. Please remember our mission’s goal of 102 families! I know we can accomplish it.

Love you guys!
Love Hermana Kendall

P.S.  Today we had a Super PDAY with the Hermanas. We finally were cool TLs and planned something haha... it was about time! We all went to the beach in Corinto and had a BLAST! It is SO BEAUTIFUL there and I LOVED seeing the water again. Oh how I have missed the beach. My favorite part of the day was teaching Hermana Baten that you can hear the ocean in the seashells. She was BLOWN away and walked around with a seashell to her ear all day haha. LOVE HER!

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