Stake Conference

So this has been a week of learning for me. I love that every day we really do have the chance to be better and different than the day before. What a miracle and a blessing to be able to start over every day and commit to be better. I am so grateful for My Savior, Jesus Christ and the sacrifice He made on our behalf so that we may repent and overcome our weaknesses. It is a lifelong process and what a blessing to have this time to prepare ourselves.

This week I have been able to spend a lot of time with Presidente and His wife. I have learned so much and couldn’t been more grateful for their guidance and love. They really do just want the very best for every single one of us and are striving to help us reach our potential. This week we had a Zone Conference with Presidente and I learned a lot about how to teach more effectively. It is awesome that even though I have been teaching these lessons for more than a year now there is so much I can improve on. I love learning how to invite the spirit better into ppls lives. Presidente is AWESOME. Him and his wife are teaching several ppl as well because they have committed to baptizing a family this month and He is sharing tons of tips with us. I would LOVE to have Presidente in one of my lessons! Hermana Baten and I have been applying a lot of the things we learned and have seen a big difference in the spirit we can feel in every lesson.

This week I was also able to do divisions with some really special sisters. Tuesday I went to CORINTO!!! That is where my Mini-missionary was from, where Hna. Baten started her mission and HERMANA GONZALES! It was SO awesome to finally go to the place that so many of my companions have talked about and LOVE! Corinto is THE BEACH, literally. This área really is so prepared and GORGEOUS. We ate lunch literally on the beachfront. It was a DREAM and I could hear the waves all day long while working. It convinced me that I must live close to the Ocean. But more than that Hermana Behan and I were able to feel such a sweet spirit with the humble ppl we met there. Hermana Behan is an AWESOME missionary. She has such a great energy and desire to share the Gospel with everyone. I love learning from every single one of the Hermanas and feeling of their beautiful spirits. We were able to find 2 new families and put several baptismal fechas! PILAS.

I also was able to do divisions with Hermana Drollinger and we had a REALLY beautiful lesson that I will not forget! We are working with S__. She is THE BEST! I really do love her but she has a lot of doubts about the authority. Well we were able to show her a short video clip and then read from the Book of Mormon. After Reading she said that during our message she felt a cool air run through her body that pushed her to follow what we were saying. We were then able to explain the Holy Ghost and how God talks to us. I KNOW she will be baptized and her family will be eternal!

So this week was Stake Conference here in Chinandega Oeste. We really had a great time inviting everyone to Stake Conference and encouraging them to take any questions they might have to stake conference with the Promise that they would be answered by the speakers. Conference Started Friday night with a Leaders meeting where we were addressed by Presidente Collado and the Stake Presidente Narviez. I learned so much from them both. Presidente Collado talked all about the Mission Goal and Committed EVERYONE to giving the missionaries one reference within the next 6 months. He taught how every member MUST be a missionary. Something he said really stuck out to me. He said if a prophet has to quote another prophet we better repent because it means we didn’t obey and capture what our prophet was telling us to do. How many prophets now have said EVERY MEMBER A MISSIONARY!? Almost every single one and what are we doing to take on this responsibility? If we haven’t done our part up to this point today is the second best day (the first being the first day the prophet taught us) to repent and do our duty!

Sunday morning we were able to go to conference and once again hear from our Presidente and many other inspired speakers. Once again Presidente Collados message really stuck out to me. He said the best way to show that we Love God is by sharing His Gospel. How are we showing our love day to day? Our we helping God’s children receive their Salvation and all the blessing the Lord has prepared by sharing the knowledge of the Gospel? If we aren’t, today is the second best day to repent and start sharing it, start showing our Love for our Savior. It was a VERY special conference and I learned so much.

I was asked to sing I know that My Redeemer Lives. So my companion and I were seated on the stand and were able to see all the beautiful Nica members that came. We almost had 1000 ppl show up. I will never forget that conference. S__, G___ and R__ ALL SHOWED UP! And they all felt such a sweet spirit there. They received many answers to their questions and confirmations from the spirit.

This week has been really special for me. I am learning to trust in the Lord. This work is incredible and HARD. In fact it is impossible without the Lords help. But with it, we can see MIRACLES.

We have SEVERAL ppl that are progressing towards baptism and we have the Faith that they will be baptized in these upcoming weeks. I know this is the Lords work and that He leads it. What a blessing to be a part of it here in the Beautiful land of NICARAGUA!

Love you all!!!
Hermana Kendall

P.S. The rainy season has started here and is hitting us HARD! I LOVE it because it really cools us off. The rain here is INSANE. The streets literally fill up to our calves with wáter. We wade through mini rivers all day.... it is actually pretty disgusting haha. Hermana Baten and I always walk around making weird squealing noises because we can’t bare to think about what is in the wáter...... ewww

P.P.S. G__ and F___ and still progressing towards baptism but need your prayers. Satan is working hard to keep them from receiving their salvation. R___ is AWESOME! And has such a strong testimony of the Church. He has quit working on Sunday to be able to be baptized! Love HIM!

P.P.P.S. This is my last Pday with Hermana Baten....NO! I love her with all my heart and feel so blessed to have been her comp. We have seen so many miracles together and I have learned so much from her. LOVE HER!

Last one! L___ received the Melchezedick Priesthood Sunday and gave the Opening Prayer in Stake Conference. He is so PILAS!

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