Book Of Mormon

This is a picture from Noche de Hermanamiento this week. I accidentally set my camera on fish eye.... I didn’t even know my camera was capable of that. Haha the picture was so funny when we saw it that we decided to just keep it and not take another!
This is Hna. Gonzales and I (oh and our dos Amiga’s back there haha) in a
bus headed out to dinner with the other Sister Training Leaders.
This soup was literally the best thing I have eaten since being in Nicaragua.
It was almost like a Cafe Rio Soup!
At the Mexican Restaurant with Hermana Miller!! I miss that gal.
The girls out to dinner!

So this week has been about as average as a week gets in the mission. We walked, talked, taught, ate, studied and SAW MIRACLES! The week started off STRONG with a meeting in Waspan with all the leaders. First off it was a blast to see all the SISTERS and catch up for a bit. I even got to call Hermana Justavino! Ahh she is the best I miss her so much! She said she is learning Mesquito poco a poco and that she can almost teach a whole lesson now. She is so pilas! Keep her in your prayers so she can learn the language even faster :) Anyways the meeting was incredible! I learned so much. I felt like the revelation was coming to fast that I didn’t have room on my paper or time to get it all down. I seriously left so edified and ready to THROW FIRE as we say it here. After our meeting with all the leaders we had a special meeting as Sister Leaders with Presidente. We learned about making goals and accomplishing them. It was a great meeting. I learned so much for the mission and for my life after. Presidente is so awesome. He really is inspired with the things that he needs to teach us. I am so grateful for all he has taught me and all that he and his family do for us.

After the meetings he took us all out to DINNER! We went to the South mission of course haha to a nice Mexican Restaurant. It was so fun to be there with all the Sisters in that atmosphere as well as with Presidente and his family. It is funny to see them as a normal family. So cute! I just have to say TRES LECHES is the best ever and I will miss it so much. Okay there goes my food rant haha. We didn’t finish dinner until about 10:30 at night and the Bus to our area doesn’t pass at that hour so Pres. took us home in his car... that was weird. That was my first time being in a real car in the mission. They were singing along to EFY songs the whole way and chatting away. They are the best!

This week we have really been focusing on the Book of Mormon. This book has so much POWER! It really is the evidence that this church is true and it is the ONLY true church. I love the Book of Mormon. I never want to go a day without reading it. Presidente, at the meeting, said, "If we stop reading the Book of Mormon we will slowly start to see how the Heavens and Revelation are closed off." I never want to stop receiving revelation from my Heavenly Father. The Book of Mormon literally has changed my life and it is incredible to watch it change the lives of all who read it. So this week we have really tried to dedicate more time and attention to the Book of Mormon in all that we do. And we have seen miracles!! Right now all of our Recent Converts are reading the Book of Mormon daily and are seeing the difference in their lives. We were able to have our highest retention with Recent Converts this Sunday thanks to the Book of Mormon. I can’t even tell you how incredible it is to be sitting in church and to see your recent converts walk it. AHH THE BEST!!!

This week we have also been focusing on sharing the Book of Mormon more in all our lessons with Investigators. Sunday we had an AWESOME experience with one of our investigators, the Book of Mormon, and a Member of the Bishopric. Perfect recipe for a stellar lesson. This honestly was one of the best lessons I have had in the mission. The Spirit was so strong while we were able to all testify of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. The spirit truly testified to Rodrigo that this book is true and that it can change his life. He is already developing his testimony of it and I know it will just keep growing as he keeps reading. I am so grateful for all the tools we have as missionaries to bring souls unto Christ. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and it contains the fullness of the Gospel. I am so grateful for the strength and comfort I receive from it and the chance I have to share it with the ppl here. I want to challenge you all to read the Book of Mormon every day and notice the small changes that will take place in your life for doing so. I also want to challenge you all to prayerfully consider someone that you could share this Book with. The Lord is preparing all His Children to receive this message. It is just our responsibility to share it. And the Book of Mormon is a perfect place to start.

Well I love you all with all my heart. I pray for you daily and am so grateful for your examples. 

Hermana Kendall

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