Valentine's Day

Savannah only sent me a few pictures and a short note to post on her blog today.  She said, "We did see miracles and I am so grateful for all that the Lord gave us this week. We were able to find new people to teach, work with some incredible investigators, feel the spirit, do divisions with the best Hermanas ever and renew our baptismal covenants at church. The mission really is the most amazing thing ever. I feel so blessed to be here and to be serving the Lord. I am trying to soak up and live every moment to the fullest because I know I only serve a mission once! I could go on for hours about how special the mission is but I won't.  Just know that I love it and I am so grateful I am here."

The other Hermana Gonzales left for her mission yesterday and we threw her a going away party. This is the cake Hermana Dulce made. It was DELICIOUS! 
 And yes her name really is Hermana Dulce hehe 

Hiding out while waiting for Hermana Gonzales to show up!

Las Hermanas! Love these gals.

My Valentine's packages! You guys are the best!

I LOVE my new skirt and shirt! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

*** There has been some confusion as to if Savannah has been making these Blog Posts.  I (her mother) have been maintaining her blog while she has been serving her mission.  She emails us once a week on Mondays and I update her blog with her letter and any pictures.  We hope you have enjoyed her journey.  

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