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I got tons of emails this week and I have less time than normal so hopefully I can respond individually more next week. Just real quick I LOVE YOU ALL AND MISS YOU EVERYDAY! That goes for friends, students and of course family! Thank you for all the support and sweet words. I am so blessed!

Things in the CCM are good. I am officially half way through!! HOORAY! I am SO ready to be out there yet still feel like I have way too much to learn. It is a weird feeling. We got to go to the city last pday and it was a BLAST! It was so nice to be out of the CCM for a little while. As we were driving up to WALMART (yes we went to Wal-Mart and I have never been so excited to see that store) we passed a couple VOLCANOES and rod all through the JUNGLE it was gorgeous. And they even gave us our cameras for a few hours so I took pictures of everyone in my district! Oh and to answer your question in the picture Hermana Teichert is far from me. She is 5 ft. 9 inch so I basically look like her child. Cool nothing new ha. Anyways we went shopping in Wal-Mart for 30 mins! I felt like I was on a game show because we were all running around like crazies trying to get all the candy and supplies we could find. Outside of Wal-Mart there were guards EVERYWHERE. Much different than what we are used to. We also went to the Mall for the FOOD COURT. I went to McDonalds and got a Big Mac, Fries, Mcflurry and COKE. I didn’t ever even eat that while in AMERICA haha but it was delicious. It was such a fun day.

Last week all the 6 weekers left and we officially were no longer the newbies. I miss all those Hermanas SO MUCH!! The new girls are great though and it is nice to see that I really have improved. This week I was called to be Sister Training Coordinating leader or something like that. To my understanding we are the equivalent of Zone leaders except only for the Sisters. Clearly I am not really sure though. We have 4 zone leaders and 4 sister leaders here in the CCM. It is actually a little stressful because ALL our meetings are in Spanish. I think that is why I am still unsure of what I am doing. Mostly right now I am making sure everyone is getting along and everyone is healthy. I have already had 3 am knocks on the door because sisters are sick. Waking up the Presidente and his wife then is NOT my favorite. Oh well. Last night one girl came running in my room at2 am in a panic saying one of the sisters had a fever and was shaking. I ran over and it was one of the Latins so I couldn’t talk to her very well. I got medicine, water, rags and since there is no ice I found some popsicles for her head. Then we just said a prayer all together and I rubbed her back. All she could say in English was Thank you I can feel you truly love me. MAN! That hit me hard. I am so blessed to be here.

So just some funny or rather random things about good old Guatemala. The Elders in our district LOVE to play basketball. So last week they SOME HOW convinced me to join. I think it was mostly me feeling guilty because my companion loves bball and I never play. So anyways I thought I could just walk around and avoid the ball. Man I was wrong! It became a game of try and pass the ball to Savannah and make her shot. It was COMEDY hour I tell you! Seriously we were all laughing so hard my stomach hurt the next day. Now they always beg me to come play. NEVER AGAIN. Also, a lot of the Hermanas hear call me Princess Belle it makes me think of my cute students EVERY TIME and them calling me that. Another little tidbit one day I was having a hard time with the language and my progress in general. I came back to my room and they had changed the blankets. Guess what was on mine! POOH BEAR AND TIGER! What the?? Made me smile. Also mom thanks for all those little notes I still find them and they always make me smile. So the CCM is down the street from a night club and we ALWAYS here all their AMERICAN music. Last night it was a BRUNO MARS party. I thought of you dad. Oh and mom you are officially the best packer EVER. I literally have everything. Thank you so much!! You should consider doing it professionally. The Elders are all on the second floor here and every night from 9:30 to 10:30 it sounds like a ZOO up there. We finally found out it is because they have dart wars. And here we sisters are having hymn and prayer together hahaha.

I have been teaching the Latinos a lot lately. It really helps my Spanish. Although, I still am nowhere close to where I want to be. I do lots of smiling and nodding. So does my companion. It is always funny when they stop talking and we realize they have just asked a question and here we are just smiling and nodding. Oh brother. Our whole district still teases us about several of our funny moments teaching. Whenever we teach we use lots of BIG hand gestures. Our logic is that it gets the Spanish across better haha. Anyways we wanted to end the lesson by saying Will you offer the prayer for us and can we say it on our knees. Instead we said Usted, Oracion, Rodeas? Which means You, Pray, Knees? We of course were waving our arms and pointing the whole time too haha. We will never live that one down.

Last night we got to hear from another member of the 70, Elder Duncan. He talked about Obedience and Love. It was a WONDERFUL devotional. The Spirit was incredible. I can feel my testimony growing EVERYDAY here.

Few quick things- I CANT BELIEVE WE WERE ROBBED! I am glad to hear everyone was okay though and nothing of great importance was taken. Still so crazy. Also GRANT you are the sweetest for taking care of the sweet little birds and saving them. I LOVE YOU GEES! And B I took a couple vids on pday so I will send those when I can of Guatemala. Mom and Dad I am so excited for your new calling. You guys will be great with the Stakes Single Adults. They are pretty stinking lucky to get you guys. Also, so excited I have a new cousin! I guess that means you will be going to Texas soon mom. Hope you have a good trip!

I wish I had more time to write but I am out! So lastly, I have picked a mission scripture John 21:17. Love is EVERYTHING!

I love you all so much!! Never forget.

Love, Hermana Kendall

P.S. Congrats to all my cute girls on doing so good at comp for solos! Keep up all your hard work in class. LOVES.

Savannah is on the second row -third from the left.  Taken on 5/15/13.

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