Exactly Where I'm Suppose To Be!

Mi Familia y Amigos!!

How are you all!? I miss you and think of you every day but I know this is exactly where I am supposed to be. It just feels right. MOM!!! I love you so much and was thinking about you ALL DAY YESTERDAY. I hope you had a great mother’s day! Those boys better have made you breakfast in bed and done ALL the DISHES. You are incredible. How did I get so lucky?

Things are great here in the CCM. Classes all day long like usual. It really is so hard to be sitting all day long. I can't wait to be out in Nicaragua so I can get moving around and meeting people. Hermana Teichert and I are still the only two Missionaries going to Nicaragua north in the CCM. CRAZY! I am sure we will get some Latinas and Latinos in 2 weeks. The Latinos are seriously some of the sweetest, most expressive and loving people I have ever met! I can't wait to serve amongst them in Nicaragua. The Spirit here really is incredible. I hope to always live in a way to feel this sweet spirit. I have to say again that I love my district!! Every single one of them has become a best friend. I wish I had time to write about all of them, maybe in a letter if I have time. Hermana Teichert and I really are BEST FRIENDS already. I love that girl! Hermana Scott and the other Hermana have me laughing constantly. As for the Elders....they are some of the greatest men I have ever met. Love them ALL! Okay enough of that.

So they weren't lying when they said the food here is INCREDIBLE. I have a mango and guacamole addiction. It is a problem. We also get fresh bread and a dessert with every meal, even breakfast. They also have a constantly supply of ice cream treats. SO dangerous. Carlos, our chef, just absolutely spoils us. We love him. Tonight because 3 districts are leaving we get chocolate dinner. We heard they put chocolate fountains everywhere and we just get to go to town! They do it every two weeks when missionaries leave. Hermana Teichert and I have been counting down the days for it haha. I am so sad to see all these missionaries leave. I have grown to love them so much! Yesterday was really hard. We were crying anytime we saw each other practically. They will be phenomenal missionaries. 15 sisters are going to PANAMA! I keep thinking Steve is so lucky to get all those Hermanas.

Hermano Fabio is now being taught by the real missionaries so we just teach our teachers now. It is so hard to teach an entire lesson in Spanish. ESPECIALLY when they start asking questions. We can't prepare for that as well. We are fumbling our way through every time. Whenever we testify though the spirit is so apparent. We also teach less actives during at time called Cré. It is nice because we get to leave the CCM (spiritual prison) and go out in the real world. It is super hard though because they speak absolutely NO ENGLISH. We do a lot of charades. Thankfully they are all so sweet and patient. There is always something going on here at the CCM. I love staying busy. We have had some amazing devotionals and speakers. I can't wait to tell you all about them when I get home. My testimony grows every day. Something’s that I have learned and that have really stood out to me are - The real MTC is in the home! So boys, listen to mom and dad! Don't groan when we have family council or FHE. It is so important. Another is serving a mission is the ultimate training to be a mom. How incredible is that! I need all the training I can get. Last is... as missionaries we have the SAME commission as the Apostles. They can't reach everyone in the world so we are called. We must live worthy to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Apostles. What a grand calling! Jesus Christ IS the head of his church and IS actively involved in how it is run! He Lives and LOVES us. I can't wait to tell my Brothers and Sisters in Nicaragua that message. I can't believe I have been so blessed in my life. Helping spread this Gospel is the LEAST I can do after all I have been given. I am so lucky to have been surrounded by such wonderful people all my life. I LOVE you guys!

Okay last week we got to go to the Temple. That was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. I can't write all that I felt and experienced now but it is in my journal. Tomorrow is our next pday and we are going into the city!! I can't wait!! I definitely need a change of scenery! I’ll let you know how it goes. The only time we get to leave the CCM is so church (which is in the middle of the Jungle! We hear birds and animals the whole time), Cre, to go to the Temple and the distribution center.

So quick funny story. A couple days ago we were all falling asleep in class so Hermano Cuque had us all get up and run laps outside the CCM. It felt like missionary boot camp haha. We were all dying laughing as we watched each other run around the building in our church clothes. I guess we did enlist in Gods army! He also had us do jumping jacks and say BAPTIZE BAPTIZE. HAHAHA we were quite the site. LOVE all those people.

Sorry I haven't had time to write individuals yet! I will soon I PROMISE!

Misit and Lauren thank you SOO much for the letters! I love you girls forever. I am so lucky to have such great friends. I wrote you both a quick note and it should get there in a couple days I hope. And Lauren I got all your dearelders. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Just what I needed. And thank you so much for the mini Preach my Gospel. I use that and my mini English one EVERYDAY. Everyone is so jealous of it.

My dear students thank you for all the emails and letters! They keep me going during the hard times.

Grant I showed our family picture to everyone here and they all agreed you are the coolest person ever!

Branson!! I randomly thought of that video you took of me at the airport when I was trying to get on the rail.....massive double chin. HAHA I died laughing. Also you and Grant keep watching fails for me.

Dad! I hope the launch went well and stress levels are lower now. I have a HUGE favor to ask. Will you send me a list of rules for verb conjugations? I have all the different ways to conjugate but I don't know when I use what. Also I am having a really hard time with Spanish right now. It is NOT clicking. I feel bad because I promised everyone I would learn it fast. It isn't coming though. I don't know what to focus on. It seems like it is coming faster for everyone else. Everyone else had YEARS before as well. Any advice? Thanks! LOVE YOU!! Oh also could you send that in a dear elder so I get it quickly. THANKS!

Mom thanks for everything you do! Thanks for taking care of my phone and car. I think I might cry though. If you have time could put together a list a scriptures that coordinate with principles. Like Faith, baptism, love, atonement, ect. Hopefully there is something just on the internet. That would help a lot with my lessons. My strength is DEFINITELY getting to know ppl and becoming friends and showing love. Scripture knowledge is still a process. I don't think I need anything right now but I will let you know. That is so sweet everyone has said kind things to you about me. Tell them THANK YOU! I hope whatever President Scoresby said about me in STAKE CONFERENCE was good. You have me worried now. We know the greatest people. I am glad you are getting some quality time with Sister Anderson, Grandma and all the other wonderful ppl we know. Thanks for taking care of my pay checks and tithing! That is great you got to talk with Sister Cosper a little bit. They are the greatest family! I haven't been able to buy my scripture cases and stuff yet but I will tomorrow. The Guatemala money is AWESOME! I want to keep some to show you. Oh and they have the garments I like for dirt cheap so I may just get extras.

Tell GRANDMA I love her and thank you for her emails. I wrote her a letter and it should be there soon!

The weather here is AMAZING! I love it. I always go outside for personal study time. It is my favorite time of the day. I met an Elder here from NICARAGUA and all I could understand was it is SO HOT and LOTS OF BAPTISMS Sounds great to me. Well most days I feel like I am just in a dream and none of this is real. I think my whole mission may be like that. I love it here though and LOVE YOU ALL. Sorry this email was a beast and so scattered. I think I go into SPAZ mode whenever I get to a computer. (Let’s be honest though we know I am always in spaz slash weirdo mode. It is no different here haha. I think most ppl think it is funny though. At least that’s what I tell myself. Until next week!

Hermana Kendall

P.S. I sent you a pic from the CCM with the president and his wife. There is one with all the SISTERS then all the ELDERS. I am right in the middle of our pic. and that is everyone here in the CCM! BEST PEOPLE in the world! Besides you guys of course. LOVES.

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