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I loved reading your email this week! I wish I could have been there to see the birds fly off and Grant ready to fend off any cats with the BB GUN. You are awesome Gee! AHH your quick trip to Vegas sounded like HEAVEN! I am glad you guys got to get away for a bit. I have been thinking about the boys a lot lately and how they are basically done with school! AHH how crazy! The time flew this year! Branson, DOWNTOWN PHILLY! Sounds like your dream job. How you do you like it so far? Cavestock was always a blast. I am glad you went. Also, I can’t believe you are going to be a Senior! Appreciate every day because it goes so fast! Grant! Lagoon day is so bomb. I still remember all the fun we had in ninth grade going there. Glad you had a blast and are ready to conquer high school!! I have been thinking about Avalon a lot today. I told of our experience with her while teaching the Plan of Salvation today and one sister stood up and said "While you bore your testimony of your sister I had the strongest impression to tell you that she is here and helping you with your mission." WOW. That hit me hard and defiantly brought me to tears. The Spirit here is just unbelievable. I can’t believe it has already been 1 month! NOO!!! 18 months is simply not enough time to convert the whole country of Nicaragua. Although, I met someone from Nicaragua today that said “The ppl in Nicaragua are getting Baptized faster than they can build chapels to fit them in!" How incredible is that. I CANT WAIT to get there. I have only been in the CCM but I can already understand why ppl say the mission is 18 months of the hardest yet BEST years of your life. I am making LIFE LONG friends. I never knew I could have so much fun on a mission. I am really SO HAPPY EVERYDAY. I don’t want to say goodbye to these ppl in 2 weeks. I love them too much.

Okay so this week has flown by and been awesome!! Tonight we had chocolate dinner again (we went a little crazy ha! Elder Jolly came up, saw our plates and said "well you guys are happy!" haha) because zones are leaving again tomorrow. NOO! I hate goodbyes. I can’t wait to get the new sisters and elders though because we should get Latins going to our mission! YAY! So my favorite part of this week was SUNDAY. By far my best day here. Sundays here are so incredibly spiritual it is almost overwhelming. We started off the day by watching the Testaments. Ahh so good. All the Sisters looked around and noticed we were all BAWLING so we had a little giggle. Then I had meetings to attend to. It has been kind of crazy this week being a leader because EVERYONE is sick! I wish I knew more about medicine. Oh well good training to become a mother. After meetings we had splits with the Latinas. I was with Hermana De Leon. Oh how I love her. We went to Sacrament together and classes after. Okay let me explain sacrament and classes. So during personal time on Sunday (which I know longer have because of meetings) we write a 5 min talk on a given topic (this week was the APOSTASY) and plan a 15 min lesson with our comp. When you get to sacrament everyone sits down, we pray, sing, have SANTA CENA then wait to hear who speaks in church for the day. Oh and did I mention EVERYTHING has to be in SPANISH. This week I WAS CALLED. I was so grateful I found 15 MINUTES to put together a talk. So, I went up, started reading my talk and just got the impression I needed to say something else. So I looked up and just started talking, IN SPANISH! It was crazy. I sat down by my comp and we just looked at each other in AMAZMENT. I still don’t really know what I said, But everyone came up to me and told me how awesome it was. I am pretty convinced it was to just be nice but I am grateful none the less. After sacrament meeting we had Sunday school. Two companionships in our class were picked to teach. Those two lessons were some of the most powerful I have EVER heard! We seriously have the best district ever! EVERYONE talks about the spirit they feel with our district and how the Spanish going on in our class is awesome. Ahh I am so blessed. Presidente sat in on our class this week and he was even blown away by their lessons. He didn't know what to say. Hermana Nicolysen taught Relief Society and she taught about spiritual gifts. She read the Book You Are Special. One of my favorites. Something she said hit me HARD. She said "I predict you will be the mothers of the Children that will greet the Savior and a mission is the best training to be an outstanding mother." Wow the spirit testified to me that one reason I need to be here is so I can be the best mother possible later on in life. We ended the day by watching a Devotional from Elder Bednar. It was GREAT! My favorite thing he said was “I KNOW Christ wants to hug each of you and say YOU CAN DO THIS." At the end of the devotional all the Elders stood up and sang Elders of Israel in Spanish. AHH the spirit hit me like a WALL. I know they felt silly singing to us since there were about 15 Hermanas in the Audience and that was it BUT we were all in tears. The missionaries here are of the HIGHEST quality. I am so lucky to be amongst them. What a great day.

Okay random things. Last week I bought the COOLEST scriptures cases AHH. I can’t wait to show you guys when I get back. Currently I am trying to learn this snapping thing that ALL the Latinos do. It means HURRY. They do it all the time I can’t truly embrace their culture until I know how to do it. That’s what they say at least. The Rainy season has HIT! Whoa I have never seen so much rain in all my life. It is CONSTANT. Along with the rain came all the BUGS. I am being eaten ALIVE. OH well rather get it over with now. Funny story about bugs. Yesterday Hermana Scott walked outside and 2 seconds later I hear her scream HERMANA KENDALL there are ANTS out here the size of AFRICA! So I ran out and she was right!! The ants here are gigantic. So we went and asked the Latinas what they are called and the said SONPOPOS de Mayo. All the Latinas LOVE THEM. They started picking them up and throwing them. Oh I forgot to mention, the nasties FLY. They said they don’t bite though. They like them because they only come in May and signify the coming over rain. The rest of the year they stay underground. So gross! They said ppl here fry them and eat them too. They better not be doing that in NICARGUA ha chista.

Mom I got all your dear elders and Letter about grandma. It got here about 10 days after you sent it. So not too bad! Thanks for sharing the scriptures and quotes! So helpful. Oh and to answer your question I am so happy with my clothes choices. Thanks so much for all your help! All the Hermanas are so sweet and always comment on my clothes. I always say I owe it all to my stylish mom and grandma. The funny thing is I AM FREEZING HERE. I should have brought a winter coat. The boys like to keep it at about 64 degrees in our class room so all the Hermanas are dying. It is 4 against 8 though so we usually don´t win. I also lost my black sweater darn it. I am sure I will be dying of heat in Nicaragua though. We are going to the Market in Guatemala City tomorrow for our pday! AHH I CAN’T WAIT! I am going to try and get a sweater there. I also need notebooks, folders and note cards. I am hoping I can find those somewhere. I am getting worried about weight in my suitcase though. I bought a bunch of garments here and they gave us a solid 15 lbs. in books. We will see how it all goes. I have about a million funny moments I want to share but don’t have time. Just thought I would let you know (family and friends) I am totally called spaz here because of all my weird little things. Everyone thinks it is hilarious though so that’s a bonus haha. I know you were worried about my awkwardness...wink wink.

Well I love you all so much!! Boys hug mom and dad for me EVERYDAY. We are lucky to have the best parents in the entire world!!!


Love, Hermana Kendall

p.s. To my students: I am doing all my exercises and stretches every day! So you better be too. If you all have your splits when I get back we will have a big ice cream party. I also I brought all my pics of you cute girls and show them off to everyone here each day. YOU GIRLS ARE INCREDIBLE! NEVER FORGET IT!!! LOVES!

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