All the Newbies

It was crazy being with all the newbies these past two days. 29 new missionaries came this change and a ton of them were North American boys. Seeing them just made me think SO MUCH about Branson. About how awesome the MTC is and then how crazy the first couple days of the mission are. My companions name is Hermana Miza. She is from Guatemala and is darling. She is really sad right now and stressed but I understand that. I just want to help her and make her feel good. I know the mission is hard but I also know it is worth every second. I feel so blessed to be able to finish my mission training. It is a huge responsibility and I just want to do my best with it. I want to teach her everything I can, so that she can see miracles throughout her whole mission. I am just going to continue to try and give my all of every second so that all of Gods children can receive the blessings that I am enjoying. This past week was really crazy and O___ got baptized! Woohoo! She is so darling. I can’t wait to see how the gospel continues to change her life. We are working SO HARD to find new ppl and families to teach.

I am a little overwhelmed by all there is to do but I know the Lord has asked me to do it because he knows I can. I am still a TL so my poor companion is going to have to be teaching herself a lot because I am going to be in a lot of divisions. But I know the Lord knows she can do it as well. We really need your prayers, fasts and support. I know as we dedicate ourselves to the Lords work and do what he has asked we can see miracles. Today we are going to go with M___ (a family to complete), E___ and M___ and V____. They all need to be baptized. We need the right words so that they can make the decision to follow Christ and be baptized. Please send your prayers our way. Especially for my companion! I am asking her question and trying to animate her. But she doesn’t say much. She is so cute and very prepared just scared and nervous.

Okay I have to go now. I think this Monday will finally be normal and I will be able to write a good email and send some pics. I love you guys though! Tell Branson I am thinking about him. THANKS FOR YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT!!! 

Love you!

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