Here I Come Chinandega! Goodbye Army of Giant Flies!

Hermana Teichert and I after our divisions this week! She is the best.
Us with Hermana Kenia.
 She was a mini missionary here and served a full time mission in Ecuador. Pilas!

Hermanas of La 14

Me trying to juice all the oranges. Martita couldn't believe I had never
hand squeezed orange juice before... what an embarrassment! haha

When Savannah said where she is going, I looked up the temperatures for this week. Ugh! #noairconditioners


It is has been an incredible week.  As you know Hermana Gonzales and I have been working SO HARD.   We have been a little discouraged because we have seen ourselves grow and learn but we haven’t really been able to see the fruits of our work reflected in baptisms.  However,  all the fruits of our labor were accumulated up into this one-week. We have seen miracle after miracle and Sunday was one day I will never forget. 

As a mission our vision is to baptize and establish the Church. Everything we do is focused on these two things. This Sunday we were able to see miracles in these two aspects of the work. Sacrament meeting was one of the most incredible experiences for us. We were blessed with 4 incredible investigators at church, almost all of our Recent Converts, an all time high in the asistencia de la iglesia and we were able to reactivate a family of recent converts. The Lord is so merciful and I am so grateful that he blessed us with such incredible miracles. He is guiding this work in every moment. He knows exactly what we need to learn, when we need to learn it and how. I am so grateful for the challenges we have had over these past 6 weeks and how much we have been able to grow. I am eternally grateful for the chances we have had to become closer with our Savior and strengthen our faith in him. 

Well, Hermana Gonzales and I have been working with SEVERAL investigators and we have shared moments that I will never forget. We have been working really hard with P__ over this past month. He is someone that has had a very dark and challenging past. He is someone that really NEEDS the Gospel in his life. This month of working with him has changed my life and my appreciation for the atonement. It is real. That is all I can say. Jesus Christ suffered for our sins, all of them. He died for us and because of that great sacrifice we can be healed and we can be clean. All of us. He can heal the big and the small wounds. He wants to heal us and he loves us all. I have seen a complete change in the life of P__ and his family. He is not the same person I met 1 month ago. This Sunday he was able to enter into the waters if baptism. He has made covenants with his Heavenly Father and now he has the chance to enter into his kingdom. It has been an amazing journey working with the members and he will always have their support. I love him and I know Our Heavenly Father is so happy that he could take this step in his life. 
(Oh did I mention he cut all his hair off for his baptism :) He looks like a new man!) 

We are excited to continue working and bring ppl to general conference this next week. What an amazing way to introduce the church to someone, BY HEARING THE PROPHET! We have baptisms set up for the next 3 weeks and I can't wait to see the progress of them all. 

Well, I have changes tomorrow. I honestly can’t believe it. I have had a good cry and now I am looking forward to the new experiences I will be having in my new area. I love La 14 with all my heart. The ppl here have changed my life and I will NEVER forget them. I have a family here now and it is going to be so hard to leave them. I just feel so eternally grateful with my Heavenly Father for allowing me to work here for this time. He is so perfect and merciful. I love being a missionary and I can’t believe I get to share the Gospel here in Nicaragua. This is a blessed land I know there are many miracles ahead of us as a mission. I am going to miss Hermana Gonzales with all my heart. She has become one of my besties! I love her and couldn’t be more grateful for all she has done. Tomorrow I leave for Chinandega and if I haven’t melted by Monday I will be writing you again ;) I love you all!!!! 

Hermana Kendall 

P.S. This morning we woke up to an ARMY of GIANT FLIES that had invaded our house over night. I have no idea how but we had a TON! I had a good scream and then we basically went to war trying to kill all the gross things. It was out of hand.... NO MORE BUGS!!! 

P.P.S. Chinandega is one of the hottest places on the planet and I am literally going at the hottest time of the year...April! Count your many blessings! Just kidding with sacrifice comes blessings...it will be great!

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