Screaming Like Baby Girls Too!

Well I got moved to Villa Flor, which is in Managua. It is a little cooler here and MUCH NICER! Everyone has houses and most people have cars. Our lunch cita has a microwave and a blender oh and a WASHING MACHINE.   So our clothes will get washed normally!! WOot! I have so many holes in everything right now. Hna. Miller is my comp. She is who I went on splits with.  YES TWO GRINGAS! President met with us when I got there for emergency changes and he told me we had changes because I am now TL, Sister Training Leader.

As training leaders we are over all the Girls in two areas. We have been assigned to Villa Flor  and ESTALI. I am kind of surprised about that because it is so far away from us but it will be fun to work with the girls there and get to know that part of Nicaragua. Right now the Elders can’t leave with or help the Hermanas really at ALL. So we take on all responsibility for them. We go on divisions every week; we are responsible for their progression and numbers. We also have to participate in the Leader meetings with all the ZL´s and president.  We still have our own area to tract and teach, we just leave for divisions once a week.

Usually you are a Sister Trainer for just a couple changes. I hope I get to train again, but who knows.   I learned so much during that time. I know I will learn a lot from all my callings though. It is just super crazy I have already had 3 areas and I only have 6 months in the mission. Most girls only have 3 areas in their whole mission! Sometimes only 2! It is insane Pres. is moving me all over the place. It is cool though, because he told us he does EVERYTHING by revelation and prayer. When I was talking to him this week he said he received revelation last week that I needed to be moved to this area and that I needed to be a training leader. It is so cool to know he is so close to Christ right now. So I just have to trust his lead. 

Being here has actually made me feel good because EVERYONE compliments me on how awesome my Spanish is. I do feel like Spanish just makes sense to me now.  Now I need to build my vocab!  I know I still have so much more to learn but it is nice to know that I am improving. 

This week they fumigated our house and we got visited by all SORTS OF BUGS!! The worst was a GIANT TARANTULA! I was getting ready for bed and brushing my teeth when all a sudden I saw a HUGE TARANTULA!!!! I screamed and ran for Hermana Miller. We both hid in a little corner for about 10 mins screaming while we waited for someone to come kill it. The Elders got there to kill it and as soon as they saw it, they were screaming like baby girls too! It was hilarious!!!

My house here is not the greatest. Which is surprising because we are in a nicer area but it seriously sucks. We have no option for a shower just bucket showers with FREEZING COLD WATER! Seriously so cold! I am dying every morning and our toilet doesn’t flush so we have to do it manually. However, we do have a safe place to live.

 I LOVE THE MISSION! And there are days when I stress because it is going by way too fast and I just have so much more I want to do. There is so much good to be done here in Nicaragua. I love the ppl and the life here!  This is going to be an interesting change-awesome- but interesting.



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  1. Savannah, you are great. My favorite part about your tarantula story is the Elders screaming like little girls. :) Isn't it interesting how your busy days go by so quickly and you are already saddened by the idea of not having enough time to do everything? That is how we know you're a wonderful missionary. Keep up the good work! We love you! ..the Olivers