The Elders had to come kill a rat that was living in our ceiling this week! 

Enrique and Corina leave with us every night to go teach their friends! It is AWESOME! Enrique wanted our water bottles in the pic as evidence we are working hard haha. He reminds me of papa. Also do you see their hymnbook- so PILAS! 

Ready for P-Day

And this is where we play soccer every pday. UGH I HATE SPORTS! Every week I get there saying NO, I am not going to play this week. I am just going to hold my ground and say no. And every week they get me to play again! DARN IT SOCCER! I did make two goals today though Hehe. I admit, I do a lot of my awkward screaming whenever the ball comes in my direction and I still have the habit of closing my eyes when the ball is in the air and headed towards me. I am just not a sportzy girl, this we know! 

So the theme of this week has been... WORKING WITH MEMBERS! Seriously we are doing EVERYTHING possible to work with the members cada dia.   Our most reliable and pilas resource is of course the family of Enrique and Corina! I don’t think a more pilas family exists out there in the world. Enrique goes by his friend’s houses every morning sharing a little bit about what he has learned and then invites them to hear our message. At about 4pm we pass by his house and he tells us which of his friends have accepted to hear our message and then we leave with him and Corina to visit them! I am telling you this is the way to do missionary work! It is so nice when we can spend our time teaching rather than running around trying to find somebody who will hear us. WORKING WITH THE MEMBERS is the way to go. I would encourage you ALL to give 1 referral to the missionaries. Just 1 and I know that will help them in SO MANY ways. I would also encourage you all to go with the missionaries if ever possible. Members in the lessons make all the difference! Enrique is so great in the lessons. I will never get sick of hearing him talk about how much the Gospel has changed his life. He always talks about the day we showed up at his door and how the Testigos had passed by earlier as well as the Catholics but he did not receive either of them. We got there and he knew something was different so he let us in. He talks about reading the Book of Mormon and how this book will resolve any doubt you have. He talks about what a GIFT it is to us all. He talks about how much he has changed.  The challenges and addictions he had to overcome and how happy he is now. Corina always talks about how her life has never been happier and she knows with all her heart this is what they were missing in their lives. My favorite part of the lesson those is when I invite them to be baptized and Enrique always sweeps in with OF COURSE YOU HAVE TO GET BAPTIZED! When Christ asks us to do something the answer No doesn’t exist there is only a resounding YES! I just know they are going to be leaders in this church. They are already part time missionaries for crying out loud. They always have a desire to learn more and are reading all the churches handbooks. I LOVE THEM!!!! I can’t wait for them to go to the Temple and become an eternal family! They can go the end of September but if they don’t end up going until after my mission I WILL COME back to see them get sealed. I could talk about them for DAYS and I will when I get back! I get teary-eyed thinking about saying goodbye to them. I feel like Tipitapa is my home now and they are my FAMILY. I can’t even imagine changing areas now.

I literally finished writing that and then got a call from Elder Estes saying I have emergency changes tomorrow............. I am literally bawling right now.
This mission is crazy. It is crazy how you fall in love with these ppl so quickly. It is amazing that we get to see the change the Gospel makes in them. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. I will NEVER FORGET any one of these ppl. They have changed my life forever! I know this church is true and that is why I will do everything I can to bring it to EVERY ONE! 
Well I have to go. I will let you know how everything went next Monday. I love you!!!! I miss you all! Talk to you next week!


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