I'm Not Very Dramatic, haha!

This picture doesn't do it justice, I was trying to utilize the zoom feature and I was to scared to take more than one but this was the Tarantula! Horrible!

So this week has probably been the worst week in my mission besides the first week of course...... darn it! Looking forward to better days. This week has been ridiculously hot. I can’t even describe it. My hair is almost all blonde now, I am super dark or you could say red (I got pretty sunburned this week) and I am constantly drenched in sweat. I mean CONSTANTLY! It is a little miserable but hey I probably won’t complain about the cold any more.

This week I had a little, well let's say health issue. Thursday night I was itching like CRAZY everywhere! I thought I had fleas or something and was freaking out! My comp said I probably had fleas too and there was really nothing I could do. Well we got back to the house so I could look at myself in the mirror and I WAS COVERED in a horrible rash! My comp was like "QUE ES ESO!" WHAT IS THAT! I immediately called the nurse and without hesitating she told me it was from my SWEAT! She told me sadly it was a long process to get rid of it. So right now I am showering morning and night, I have a special cream I use and I just pray I don’t sweat too bad.......which isn’t very realistic.

This week we have been working hard to find new investigators. Seriously I don’t think I have ever been this tired. We have been working like crazies just trying to find new families. We probably walk 50 miles every day. That is definitely an exaggeration but that is what it feels like. I have been a little discouraged because we are working so hard and we are trying everything possible but we have seen little results. I don’t know what we can do better and what we need to change to find more ppl to teach. We are still teaching Francisca though, Carlos and a few other new families that will hopefully continue to progress.

This week was conference as you all know, so we were also working to get all our recent converts to attend conference. Okay I am going to try and explain things here real quickly. Tipitapa is a branch right now. Our whole district (3 companionship) works in this branch. We have a small church that we attend and it doesn’t have a projector. There is another church about 10 mins away by bus that is a little bit bigger and has a projector. So conference was shown there- just the Sunday sessions though. Anyways to get there we had a bus set up to take our branch. We worked hard all week to invite everyone! The Zone Leaders made a rule that if we didn’t bring a family of investigators we couldn’t go to conference. Well I really wanted to go and we ended up bringing one family of investigators and two other investigators. We filled the bus and left for the other church early Sunday morning.  We got to the other church and there was NO ROOM for all the branches. By some miracle we found seats for all the members, but us missionaries had to sit on the floor. So this conference I was on the floor with the ants, dying from heat, listening to the speakers in Spanish and kind of sleeping because I was so exhausted. A little different than my last conference. It was awesome though because our investigators LOVED it and so did our recent converts. The experience really helped their testimonies of the Prophet and his apostles.

Yesterday we were supposed to baptize Francisca but we didn’t have any water here in Tipitapa so we had to postpone until today! So we will baptize her tonight :) I will be sending pictures next week!

I don’t have any other news really except for 

I’m not very dramatic haha. But seriously it was horrible!  Last night my comp and I were chatting while I was getting ready for bed. I went over to get something out of my suitcase and when I turned back around I saw a HUGE TARANTULA at my FOOT!!!!! I immediately started screaming BLOODY MURDER! Seriously I haven’t screamed that loud in a LONG time and it was out of real fear! I am pretty sure my heart stopped for a good 30 seconds. Then I started to experience a real life panic attack! I continued screaming and ran on top of my comps bed with my phone. I started calling the Elders while my comp tried to get the thing in a plastic bag with her umbrella!!! She is so much braver than me seriously! The Elders said " ARE YOU SERIOUS! Take a pic please......oh and we will be right over". Well the owner of the house heard my horrible scream and came running in with her broom. She knows now that if she hears screaming and it is coming from me, it is the result of a bug. So she was ready and armed. Thankfully she killed the thing and helped calm me down. AHHH I am telling you it was so horrible. I could hardly sleep I was so terrified the whole night. My poor comp probably thinks I am psycho! We cleaned our house super good today and hopefully we will have fewer bugs now. The trick they taught us here is to use lots of Clorox because it kills everything. I just hope it doesn’t kill us too. Last night I was seriously debating using my tent haha. If it wasn’t so hot and I wasn’t so embarrassed to use it in front of my Latina comps I would have been in that thing all night after that experience.

I know better days are coming.  I am working hard and the time is passing quickly.  

Love you all,

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