Almost like America

At the mall with Hna. Morales today...... so weird it was almost like America. 

Me with my Subway sandwich and McFlurry. I was really happy!!

This week has been LONG and STRANGE. We have been working so hard to find new families and investigators to teach. As a mission we have the goal or standard of finding 5 new families and 15 new ppl every week to teach. This week we found 20 ppl and 6 families. We were working so HARD! I was so happy to be finding ppl and adding investigators to our pool of ppl to teach. HOWEVER, we had little to no success placing baptismal dates with them. It is so hard to be teaching someone and trying to help them change but they aren’t willing to keep commitments, progress and just put their trust in God. Needless to say I have been a little discouraged this week. The past two weeks have just been long and hard. I know that it is after the trial of our faith that we will see the miracles. The Lord is just trying us to see how much Faith we have in his plan, this work and his mercy. Also how diligent and patient we are during our afflictions. I am just going to continue to try and work hard EVERY DAY, put my trust in the Lord and accept his will. 

I got some of my letters this week!!! YES! My ZL called me one day when he went to the office and was like " Hermana Kendall, you literally have 12 letters! You get more letters than anyone else in the mission. Your family must really love you." I then went on to brag about all my friends and family. SERIOUSLY THANK YOU FOR ALL THE LETTERS!! I can’t even tell you how much they mean to me. I always get so giddy reading letters. I pour over every word and soak it all up. So THANK YOU!!! I got some dearelder from you mom, a letter from nana and papa and two from Grandma, oh and of COURSE A TON FROM LAUREN!!! Hehehe she is probably the greatest friend anybody could ever ask for. Ahh why am I so blessed? 

This week we also played the Reina de TIPITAPA. This time I was mas guapa y mas tuanies. This zone is full of musos!! Hehehe. No but it was nice of them to vote for me as good things! Hmmmm this week we had dinner with Enrique and Corina. They are the sweetest. It was so fun to visit with them. 

This morning I had to go to Managua with my comp to get my cedula (I think this is her visa to stay in the country)! FINALLY I AM LEGAL! We went with two other Elders from this zone that helped us out. We got there and visited with a ton of other missionaries, including...HERMANA TEICHERT! I SCREAMED when I saw her. Seriously I think I scared some ppl but I was just so excited. AHH she is the best! I miss that stinking girl. We also got to visit with some of the Sisters I knew in the MTC that are serving in the South mission. It was cool to see them and hear how they were doing. Afterwards the Elders took us to the MALL. It was weird to be in CIVILIZATION again. I got an Oreo and strawberry Mcflurry from McDonalds and a sandwich from SUBWAY. Ya it was pretty awesome! Seriously I think the weather and the food are the two things I miss most about America besides you guys of course!! 

SO... now for the big news. Tomorrow we have changes and.......... I AM TRAINING!!! WHAT THE HECK! I am freaking seriously. It is so much responsibility and I am already struggling to just take care of myself. However, I know if I can just trust in the Lord and put everything in his hands he will make my weaknesses strengths. I am still freaking though! The APs called me last night to tell me and I about vomited. Everyone started calling me afterwards and congratulating me... news spreads fast here in the mission. I hope I can do this. All the Latinas are so sweet. They keep encouraging me and telling me how good my Spanish is. There are some pretty good liars here haha. I KNOW my Spanish isn’t good but they are sweet to encourage me. My comp Hna. Morales and I have gotten along a lot better this week. Today she told me after meeting all these sisters I am so grateful I got you as a comp! You are great. It was SO SWEET!!! She is great and I really will miss her a lot. She will be an awesome missionary in Honduras and I know she will see many miracles.

So interesting fact I found out today our mission is the second poorest mission in the entire WORLD. The poorest is in Africa. No wonder we have to buy crap food. It is because it is the cheapest and we don’t have money. Oh well I am learning really well how to work on a budget!!

So I still haven’t been able to sleep... like at ALL.   I swear the mission has added about 20 years to my life. I am going to have gray hair by the age of 30. Speaking of hair... mine is falling out like crazy and just getting fried to a crisp. I am trying to use my umbrella more often and I hope that will help. My hair literally is orange though. So weird. And I am getting a lot darker but I am getting nervous about skin cancer haha because I get burned pretty frequently. I am going to just use my umbrella every day from now on.

Well I have to go back to Managua now for a meeting that all the trainers are going to have. I am going to sleep in Managua today at the Nurses house (she has air conditioning I am so PUMPED) and then tomorrow we will have changes where I will meet my  new companion/ DAUGHTER!!! AHHH am I ready for this.... no but here we go anyways! Please pray for me that we can find families and find success here! Oh this also means I will be here in Tipitapa for at least two more changes. There are TONS of changes happening here in the mission right now though. We are going to have more Hermanas here this change, HOORAY, more in PUERTO, they are opening up more new areas and we are getting two new APs! It is so crazy and so AWESOME!!

 I love you guys so much though and miss you with all my heart!!!! I am going to work super hard here everyday, commit everything I have to the Lord for this short time and then I will see you guys soon! The Lord lives and He loves us! How amazing is that to know. I am so glad I get to share that happy message with all my Brothers and Sisters here. I pray every day they will feel the Love of their Savior and accept his atoning sacrifice so they are receive all the blessings he has in store for them. I love you guys!!!
Until next week!


Hermana Savannah KENDALL!

P.S. No one can say my name. First or Last. It is pretty hilarious. Especially since Kendall is so stinking easy. Meanwhile I get a good giggle out of it. I am sure they get a good giggle out of me trying to pronounce their names as well.

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