The One Year Mark!

This is what my cute comp gave me for completing one year!
Me with Hermana Teichert - My first companion in the MTC.
Who would have thought we would make it to one year!
The amazing Sisters in my ZONE!
 *Note from Savannah's Mom -I don't know why I love looking at their shoes,
 because I'm not a shoe person. But, take note at how bad their shoes look -
they are all such hard working Hermanas and their shoes prove it!
After teaching a lesson to some investigators, we went into their "backyard" to
pick mangos y papaya mangos (or giant mangos)!
They FILLED my backpack with the Giant MANGOS!
 That wasn’t heavy at all...

So this week has been full of trials, miracles and hilarious experiences that I will NEVER FORGET!

Everything started with meetings with the President and other leaders this Wednesday. It was a Council that I will never forget. President showed up with a ball in his hands and said "Everyone outside." We quickly were put into two teams and were told we would be playing kickball! Oh great...I am horrible at sports and even worse in a SKIRT! Haha I pretended to be excited though and went for it. It actually ended up being really fun. It was hilarious to see how into it the Elders got. I am not sure how much I helped, but our team did WIN! Afterwards, Presidente explained to us how kickball would now be applied to mission work. President had a meeting with the Area presidency this last week and LOTS of things are going to be changing in the Central America missions. It just so happens that our mission is the first to try out all the new ideas they will be implementing into the work. I am so excited about the new format they have created and I know it is going to bless the work here. The idea is that we double the baptisms. President promised us that if we apply all the new things we learned into our work we will double the baptisms within 6 months. LET’S DO THIS!

Something I loved that Presidente repeated several times is that if we want different results we have to do something different. So many times we say okay next week we are going to improve in this and this and then we continue to do the same things. If we want different results we have to do something different.

He also talked to us about working out of Love. So often we get caught up in the numbers and logistics of it all. BUT that is not why we are here. We are here because we Love Christ and He loves us. He died for us and Lives for us. And because of Him we can all receive Eternal life. As we really learn to love Christ and in return love the ppl we teach we can see miracles. Needless to say... Council was AWESOME!

Well Council got out a little late so we rushed off to the buses to try and catch one that would get us to Chinandega. We got there in the NICK of time, the last bus, and it was JAM PACKED. We thankfully got a seat but the poor elders were left standing- it's a solid 3 hour ride- poor guys. We took off and were in the middle of Managua, about ten minutes into our trip, when the bus over heated and DIED in the middle of the road. Instantly EVERYONE on the bus started screaming, running around and reaching for things (Nicas are a little dramatic). My companion couldn’t hold in her laughter and yelled THE SECOND COMING! Haha we were dying laughing. Finally after being shoved, pushed and thrown around we got off the bus. We were all really stressed because that was the last bus to Chinandega for the night.   We were sitting on the side of the road trying to decide what to do when by some miracle another bus going to Chinandega passed by. Once again CRAZY Commotion! EVERYONE started running to the already full bus and shoving to get on. I seriously could not get on because everyone was shoving us so hard and trying to get on first. The elders got swept onto the bus by the crowd and my comp and I BARELY got on as the bus was already driving away. It was crazy!! We were half laughing-half crying. Once we finally got on we saw that there weren’t ANY SEATS. We would be standing for the next 3 hours. It was a hot and long couple hours but we made it to CHINANDEGA!! Lets just say you haven’t experienced public transport until you have been to NICARAGUA!

This week we have been working with several families and individuals that are very special to us. J___ and L___ are AMAZING! As you know they were supposed to be baptized this past Saturday. Well Satan attacked and they weren’t able to get married because of problems with birth certificates and parental permission. Therefore, they weren’t able to get baptized. We are confident they will be able to work it all out though and they will be baptized this week! I love them with all my heart and want nothing more than for them to be able to be an eternal family. I know the Lord led us to them for a reason and I know He will help us baptize them.

We have also been working with a really special lady R___.   Ahh I love her! She is so positive all the time and has been so prepared by the Lord. She accepts EVERYTHING we teach her and can’t wait to be a part of the Church.  Her husband doesn’t want anything right now but is willing to support her so she can be baptized. I know little by little the Lord will touch His heart.

This week has been a week of miracles in regards to less actives and Recent Converts. We have been working really hard to raise the attendance to sacrament meeting by the recent converts and less actives. We have been visiting them constantly and this Sunday we had the highest attendance I have seen since getting here.

I love this work and I am grateful to be a part of it. Something my comp and I have been saying lately is that every new day brings new experiences. Some experiences are difficult and challenging. Others are Hilarious and embarrassing. Lots of experiences are full of the spirit and the love of our Lord. But we learn from them all and we are so grateful to have the chance to experience life EVERY DAY!

I love the Lord and I know He lives. This is His work and He leads it!
Love you all!!!
Hermana Kendall

P.S. I completed one year this week! What the!! I also received letters and your package. BEST ONE YEAR MARK EVER! THANKS!!!

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