Earthquakes - Call to Repentence

Our lunch cita bought a bunch of baby chicks and my comp said I had to hold at least one! You probably can’t tell but I was squealing in this pic haha.

And this is my cute comp! Hermana Baten!

Well, it has been a CRAZY week here in Chinandega. I didn’t even feel it... The weeks are literally speeding up. This Friday started the "Semana Santa" here. It is supposedly what the Catholics do to Celebrate "Christ’s Resurrection" but it is really just a big party or SPRING BREAK. Nobody works the next 15 days and they all go to the beach. Everyone talks about the Semana Santa as the hottest week in the whole year and really just dread it. So I have decided if I can survive this week I can do ANYTHING! It is interesting to see all their... "Customs" I guess you could say. The Catholics all walk around in red and white robes with a bunch of crosses hanging from their necks. Several times during the day you will see a HUGE group of ppl walking in a line following two ppl that are holding a big cross with a statue of Christ hanging from it. A small band follows the group and they just walk the streets. That wouldn’t be idol worshiping at all?? Seriously the Catholics confuse me and make me really sad. The rest of the world here is just partying. Lots of beer... It is interesting see the world outside of HIGHLAND!

So this week I have basically been in divisions EVERY DAY! My comp and I were together for 2 days! Tuesday I was able to go to the other Zone of Chinandega and work with some really cute sisters. They have been having a few challenges in their area but we were able to WORK really hard and see some miracles. It is amazing how the Lord blesses us every time we do divisions. I am blown away by how merciful our Savior is. It is incredible to me that even though I am so weak and imperfect he loves me enough to look over those things and help me during the divisions. While there I was able to see that family I sent you a picture of. I met them my first week in Matagalpa.  I remember not understanding them AT ALL and this week we could have a real conversation. They are so sweet and it was great to see them.

After my divisions in Chinandega we went to Managua to do more divisions. I had to go there, get my new comp, come back and then WE SPLIT up in divisions. It was a long 6 hours in the bus and crazy with all the companionships but we finally got it all sorted out and I got to work with.... HERMANA TEICHERT here in our area. I was so nervous to do these divisions because I still don’t really know the area but let me tell you this was one of my favorite days of the mission! The Lord really was guiding us in every moment. We had some hilarious moments this day and lots of miracles. This was the day that all the earthquakes started here. We were feeling them about every hour. They weren’t too strong but definitively strong enough to scare the ppl. It became an awesome opportunity to declare repentance. The ppl here all believe in Christ and fear God. They all expressed their concern that Christ was coming. In that moment we got to ask them if they were ready and if not if they were willing to be baptized and prepare for that moment. It was a neat experience for us.

We also went to go visit our progressing investigator, Fr_____. As I have said before I love him and he is so prepared. We had planned to teach him the Word of Wisdom and commit him to living it. It ended up being a hilarious lesson for us all. After teaching the 5 things we had to avoid we asked him if he could remember them and repeat them back to us. He remembered everything except for Tea or Te en Española. So Hermana Teichert reminded him by saying "Y te" (and tea). He then looking confused said "Ce? Que es eso?" (Ce? What is that?) Hermana Teichert replied "No te". "Ce?" I piped in there and said " No Hermano Te". Once again "CE?" Haha we honestly went back and forth trying to get him to understand us for about 5 mins. He finally said, "Look sisters we are going to be going back and forth fighting over this all afternoon!" Hahaha that was it we lost it and just died laughing. We decided he probably doesn’t have problems with that and moved on. I love Fr__. He is a hoot!

This day we also were able to "find" a miracle. As we were walking around our area trying to find our next appointment (me being completely lost) we saw a family sitting inside of their house. We immediately turned around and decided to contact them. As we approached their house they were already putting chairs out in front of the house and accepted us with arms wide open.  This family is INCREDIBLE! They loved our message and accepted to be baptized and attend church. They asked us to please pass by EVERY DAY to help them prepare and learn more. They are so humble, loving and full of faith. They remind me a lot of Corina and Enrique. I already love them so much and we are going to do EVERYTHING in our hands to help them progress towards baptism. This Sunday they went to church and LOVED it. I was so awesome to have them there with us and feel the sweet spirit that resides in the church. I know they can be an eternal family and I am so grateful for the Lord and that he led us to them.

So this was my first real Sunday here in Naranjo and it was different than any other Sunday I have had here in the mission. The meetings here start at 2 in the afternoon. What the!? It was so strange waking up at the normal hour, doing our studies and going out to visit and collect ppl before church. I have become accustomed to waking up really early and running around all morning to try and get ppl in church. It was actually really nice even though it didn’t feel like Sunday. The only hard part is that we are running around getting everyone for church in the Heat of day... it is all worth it though. The members here are AWESOME!!!! The most pilas I have ever worked with. They all go out Sundays as well, search for and take the ppl in their organizations to church. They even pass by for our investigators to assist with us. I LOVE this ward and feel so blessed to be able to work with them. The church is really far from our area so we always have to go in a bike taxi. Thankfully almost all our Recent Converts and Investigators own Bike taxis so they help us out. I am really excited to work hand in hand with the members here to hasten the work!

Well we are working hard here and looking forward to all this change has to offer. The time is FLYING by and we are going to give our all EVERY DAY!!!

I love you all!!!
Hermana Kendall

Odds and Ends
I got a bunch of letters from Tyler and Whitney today! THANKS GUYS!!!

We have been having a ton of Earthquakes here and apparently we are awaiting a really big one. Last night we got woken up by 3 calls.... One from our DL, one from our ZLs and one from President at about 11:30 telling us to be careful because we were going to have a big earthquake...That really freaked out my comp! Poor thing. We had a quick prayer and then I went back to bed. We had some small earthquakes during the night but nothing to big.... I guess we are still awaiting it. My poor comp didn’t sleep a wink though! From now on I will only being taking those calls haha!

Friday our power went out at night... it was a hot one.   Cold showers are now my favorite part of the day!

Tuesday I GOT ROBBED!!!!! I got off the bus and like always all the taxi drivers rushed us and started grabbing at us. They always do that to Americans so I was use to it. But there were a lot more guys than usually this time. When we finally got out of there I had the feeling that my phone was gone.... AND IT WAS!!! I couldn’t believe it. So sad.
We have a ton of mangos right now. Seriously, the streets are just FULL of them. We just pick them up off the ground, wash it and eat it. I probably eat 5 a day! WE have a mango tree at our house so it is awesome. 

LASTLY! BRANSON!!!!!!!! I am so stinking excited for your mission call. That is seriously the BEST MISSION! Besides NICARAGUA!! I know you will love it there. I loved EVERYTHING about Guatemala and HAVE TO go back someday. I love so many ppl that are from there and I am sure you will meet the families of many of my missionary friends here. The weather is heavenly there, the food is GREAT and the ppl are the best part. I can’t wait to talk to you about it all on Mothers Day. HOW BLESSED ARE WE TO BE ABLE TO SHARE THE GOSPEL! I love you BRANSON!!! CONGRATS!!!!

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