Today I got my long awaited haircut. I have been so nervous to do it! I don’t trust ANYONE here with my hair. However, today we went to the mall and there was probably the nicest salon you can find here. So I took the plunge. I told her just the ends, which obviously means 4-5 inches so that was interesting. She also gave me some nice bangs and layer type things.........Oh well I have 8 more months to grow it out again. And at least it is healthy now! Oh it was also the quickest haircut I have EVER had literally 10 mins. I walked in, sat down, got it cut and left... Nica style

** note from Savannah's mom - She didn't send us a picture of the actual haircut, which kind of makes me nervous - and if that is the nicest salon she could find, I wonder what the others look like.  We are so spoiled.

Oh how the time flies! I know I say that every week but every week seems to go by a little bit faster. I can hardly believe it! So this week has been.... HOT! Seriously, I can’t even explain the heat here. I go into the shower sweating and come out sweating. That cold bucket shower every morning has become one of my favorite moments every day. I put on sunscreen constantly but ppl still always call me rojita! Little red... Thanks haha. All us gringas are getting burnt to pieces out here. We have become experts in finding the shade ha. I just can’t wait for June to roll around. That is when the rain starts supposedly.

Anyways, apart from the heat this week has been pretty GREAT! We are working with some really special ppl but my favorite investigator is Jefferson. He is 16 years old and so pilas! I honestly love him so much. He is different than all the other Nica boys we know. He is so respectful, smart, happy and friendly. His family life is pretty crummy so he loves when we come to visit. He is reading the Book of Mormon and loves all the stories. When we first gave him the Book of Mormon he took it to school to showed all his friends and said "Did you guys know that there was another book of scripture written here in America by prophets? It compliments the Bible and speaks more clearly of the Doctrine de Cristo." So PILAS! All his friends were so interested and started asking him all types of questions, which he then brought to us and now he is an expert on the book! He came to church with us this week and LOVED it. He knew a bunch of the youth, which was great, and he LOVED the soccer court. He has already talked with the Young’s Men president about bringing his friends to come play with them all Saturday! I love Jefferson and I can’t wait for him to be baptized in the TRUE CHURCH! He is going to be a LEADER and is going to be able to build his own family with the Gospel.

We are also working with a man named Larry. He is RICH! Well for a Nica haha. No but seriously he is really smart and has a lot of drive in life. His wife is living in Miami right now so we haven’t been able to meet her but he is awesome. He really thinks things through and understands the message. He has accepted a baptismal fecha and is reading the Book of Mormon but is still waiting for his answer that this is the true church. This Sunday we called him in the morning to wake him up... so he could come to church with us. He told us he was going to get ready and then we could pass by to pick him up. After picking him up he told us that he was laying in bed when we called trying to decide if he was going to go with us or not. When we called it was an affirmation that he needed to go. HE LOVED CHURCH!! He felt like he learned so much and that there was something different about the church- THE SPIRIT! He is going to continue to read his Book of Mormon and we can’t wait to keep working with him this week!

We really have been seeing a lot of miracles here in La 14! We are working really hard to involve the members in every aspect of the work and animate them to work with us. We are so excited about all the ppl we are working with and know the Lord has many blessing prepared for this area. Next week is Stake conference for all of Nicaragua so we will be traveling to the Stake center with Recent converts, less active and Investigators. It should be interesting!

This week I have learned a lot about la fe and putting more trust in the Lord. This work really is His. Every lesson, contact and baptism we have is because of his infinite grace. I know I am weak and have many things to improve but I also know that as I exercise my faith in Christ and turn to him in all things we can see miracles. I love you all and encourage you to pray earnestly for missionary experiences every day and then share your testimony. I know the Lord is preparing people in all corners of the Earth and we can be instruments in his hands if we are willing to search for the opportunities, listen to the spirits promptings and then follow them.

I love you all!!!


Hermana Kendall

OH P.S. We had an earthquake here last week. It was a pretty strong one as well. It hit at about 3:30 in the morning. I was pretty out of it, when all of a sudden my bed was shaking all over the place. I was pretty confused at first but it lasted long enough for me to recognize that it was an earthquake. Hermana Gonzales got pretty freaked out but our tiredness won over and we both fell back asleep pretty quickly haha.

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