Broom in the Oven

We made COOKIES this week!  My first cookies in the mission.
Yes, we suck at eating healthy. But they were delicious!
We were cooking in the church and after we had PREHEATED the oven to make the cookies I checked it to see if it was warm. I opened it to find a BURNING broom inside. I just gasped looked at Miller and shut it really fast. I told her about the broom, we looked at it and then thought we should take a pic haha. We were dying laughing! Nicas don’t even know what ovens are for so of course they would store the broom in it!!!

Okay, I am not going to lie the past couple weeks have been really difficult for us. Miller and I get along SO WELL. We are so similar and have a BLAST together. We are working really well together and we thought we would see a lot of success. However, the past couple weeks have been full of disappointment. We are finding TONS of new investigators every week and having really beautiful experiences with them however, one by one they all fall. As a mission, this month we have a goal for every companionship to baptizes one family as a gift to Christ this Christmas. We are doing lots of special fasts, studies, meetings, prayers.... everything so we can to make this happen. We both honestly believe in our hearts every companionship will baptize a family this month. We just don’t know how we are going to do it. We have been a little discouraged because all of our possibilities keep failing. We want to do this for Christ and we know it is his desire we just don’t know how. But we both have the faith we are going to make it happen. We are just going to continue working hard and searching for los escogidos.

This week we did a lot of divisions with the Hermanas we are over. Now the hermanas don’t work with their DL´s or ZL´s at all. So if they ever need help with a lesson or a family they are teaching, we go and help and teach with them. The only hard part about it is we are over the sisters in Esteli, which is 3 hours from our area by Bus. Therefore, we lose a lot of time each time we have to do divisions with them. We honestly believe if we put the hermanas first and their needs, the Lord will bless our area and us. This week we did divisions with a cute companionship working in Esteli. I worked with Hermana Lesher, who is a newbie. She was super cute to work with and we had a great time together. She is having a lot of the same stresses I was experiencing when I first got here.... Spanish, connecting with the ppl, knowing the material...the norm. We talked a little about it and I shared with her some things that I learned from the scriptures and PMG my first months here. I hope she went back to her area feeling a little better.

This Sunday was the Wards Primary program. I know I was shocked that existed here too. Only in MANAGUA!! Managua es la LEY! Anyways, it was super cute and there was a sweet spirit there. I felt like I was back in Utah watching cute Carter and all the other little bugs.

Well, we are busying getting ready for Christmas here. Christmas here is the 24th so that will be interesting.  We came up with an AWESOME idea to find new investigators and involve the members during this Christmas season. We are going to ask all the members if they would like to send a "Christmas Gram" to a family member or friend, in which we will show up at their friends house sing a Christmas Hymn and then share a 5 minute message about Christ (because who doesn’t want to hear about Christ on Christmas). Then after we will make an appointment to visit them later on during the week to share the missionary discussions. SWEET HUH! We are so pumped. We are also going to the Hospital Christmas Day as a District to sing to the Kids. I can’t wait! Christmas is going to be AWESOME. Oh and at night ALL the missionaries close by are going to meet at our food citas house to have a Christmas dinner. However, to enter you have to make a food FROM your country and you and your companion have to prepare a talent. It is going to be such a good time. We can hardly wait. We are also doing secret Santa in the Zone and our HUGE Mission activity is next Monday. We are going to have a Lunch, talent show and program at the HILTON hotel with the WHOLE mission! Minus the ppl in Puerto because there aren’t planes big enough to bring them all. So pres. and his family are going there later on.
Each zone has to plan a talent for the Mission Christmas activity and we have something SWEET planned! I will try and take a video to send it to you all. I also just got informed today by the AP´s that I will be singing a special number at it.... in front of all 200 missionaries!!! Lets just say I am terrified. I will let you know how it goes!

I just want to tell you real quickly about today. We had Christmas Olympics with our Zone and the Other MANAGUA ZONE!!! SUPER PDAY! It was SO MUCH FUN! We seriously all had a blast. We basically did a bunch of minute to win it games. We all had such a great time. I will send pics next week from it. I just love being with all the other missionaries. I can’t even explain to you how much I love them. We have all seriously just become a family. We all know, love and support one another in this important work. It is so awesome to be with ppl that understand the challenges you are going through and also the incredible joy you feel. Ahh there is nothing like the MISSION!

More than anything though today I want to testify that the Book of Mormon is true. This book has changed my life forever. I feel so privileged to have knowledge of these things and the opportunity to study them every day. I love starting off my day by Reading the words of Gods prophets. The experiences of Nephi, Alma, Ammon, Mormon... EVERYONE, give me the strength I need to face the day. I love Reading the things my Heavenly Father desires that I know so that I can better my life every day. My honest desire is that I can improve a Little every day. Every day I hope to become a Little more like my Padre Celestial and change my heart so I ONLY have a desire to do good. The Book of Mormon contains the answers to all of Life’s questions. I know whenever we need advise or counsel we can turn to the Book of Mormon and Heavenly Father will reveal to us what we need. I love this book and I know with all my heart it is true. I challenge you all to read it Every Day. I promise you that as you do you will see more blessing and peace in your life. You will experience a change of heart and you will feel your Savior nearer to thee. I would also like to challenge you ALL to share this incredible book with someone this Christmas season. Share these inspired words of God, this other testament of Jesus Christ with someone at this Christmas season. I know as you make an effort to find someone that is ready to hear this restored message of Christ through the Book of Mormon, Heavenly Father will bless you and put the ppl en su CAMINO! (In your path)

Okay talk to you next week! Probably just a quick one next week because we have our activity and are skyping during the WEEK! 


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