Mission Family

Hermana Justavino with her other daughter, me and my daughter Hermana Tellez. 
 What a cute fam we are.

Hna. Justavino and me.    AHH I MISS THAT GIRL!

This is our family in the mission. Hermana Justavino, her Daughter, Me, my daughter, My great grandma (Justavino's Gma) and her daughter!

I got my Christmas package from you guys! THANKS SO MUCH! I seriously died over the protein bars. DIED! SO tasty and HEALTHY. I almost forgot what it felt like to eat something HEALTHY. I got all my letters and this package at our leaders meeting after a super hard day. IT was AWESOME. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! 
I cant wait for Christmas now haha

IN the taxi to Mission South! We had to go this morning so Hermana Tellez 
could a sign a paper for her visa!

Hermana Justavino's Mission Mom

Sister Rodgers from Texas! Soo Cute!

First off it was fun to read your little email this week and hear about Halloween. I thought about you guys that day and what you might be doing. I was a little sad to miss it but all in due time! They don’t really celebrate Halloween here. However, we had a meeting with all the trainers this week in Managua and Hermana Collado bought all us gringas candy because she knew it was Halloween for us. It was really sweet of her.

So we started out the week with out trip to Managua for the Trainers meeting. IT WAS AWESOME! Seriously probably the best meeting I have been to thus far in the mission. I LOVED IT and learned so much. I just was able to feel the spirit so strongly and the Lords love for his missionaries. I received a lot of AWESOME revelation for this work and our area. It really rejuvenated me to get out there and work. I also got to see all the cute newbies and there SWEET trainers. Seriously there are some INCREDIBLE missionaries here. I always love seeing them and visiting. 
 At the meeting we watched an awesome video about the Atonement and missionary work with talks from Jeffrey R. Holland and Henry B. Eyring. Incredible! I am going to try and find the talks today to print off and study. Anyways after the meeting we headed back to our area and got right to work. This week I was still feeling pretty stressed out so my district leader gave me a blessing and a few talks to study. It has been helping me out a little and I can at least sleep now for more than four hours. I really was making myself sick from all the stress but I am feeling a little better this week. 

This week we have been working with a great family.  They are all really special ppl and I am so lucky we get to work with them and teach them. The father had his baptismal date for THIS SUNDAY. We had been preparing him all week and working really hard to help him feel the spirit. He was interviewed Saturday and was all set. Sunday we went by his house in the Morning to help him get ready for church and he was so excited to go and had even invited all his family to his baptism after church. He had to take his Granddaughter to her dad’s house so he told us he would meet us at church. Well we got to church and were waiting and waiting and calling him and calling and he never showed... I was SO SAD. We went over to his house afterwards and he wasn’t there either. His daughter told us he left to go to church and then he got an emergency call from one of his nephews and had to go to MANAGUA! UGH SATAN! Seriously it was one of the hardest, saddest days but we have an appointment with him today and we are going to put the date for this Sunday instead. He will be baptized though that is a sure THING!

S_ and P_ are friends of Enrique and Corina so we have been visiting with them a LOT. They are such a special family and they love everything we are teaching them. P_ has cancer and is in a wheelchair right now. He is always really sick and that presents a little of a challenge for us but he and his wife are so receptive to the Gospel, especially during this time in their lives. He can't go to church right now and that is the only thing stopping him from being baptized but we have something AWESOME planned for next week and I am pretty sure he will make it to CHURCH!

D_ and I_ are a new family we found this week. They are both pretty shy but very receptive to the Gospel. Our first lesson D_ prayed to finish the lesson and asked right then and there if Joseph Smith was a prophet. It was so incredible. Most ppl are too nervous to even try praying in the first lesson but he went right ahead and even asked God if our message was true. It was a really unique and beautiful moment for me. The next lesson he said he had been praying all week and is waiting for God to answer. He said he knows God will answer in his own time in his own way but right now he feels really good during our lessons and wants to come to church. We put baptismal dates with them both and hopefully they will be joining us in church this week.

B_ is a guy we found one day contacting. After talking with him for a few minutes he told us he actually was a member! He hasn’t gone to church for the past 7 years but is willing to go again and give it a try. His wife isn’t a member but is super sweet and loves talking with us. This family is GOLDEN! We are going to reactive B_ and baptize his wife I tell ya!

So I just wanted to share one other funny experience. 
Thursday night we were at an Investigators house when he asked if we wanted something for dinner. Not wanting to be rude or offend him we said YES! So he comes out with a HUGE plate of rice, a tortilla and 2 FISH!! Fish here are completely different than in the states though. The WHOLE fish was literally on my plate... head, bones, eyes, skin...EVERYTHING. It had been deep-fried and plopped on my plate. I seriously didn’t know what to do or how to EAT it. They all started laughing at me try to eat it. I am sure I had a freaked out look on my face the whole time. I was trying to keep my cool but it was pretty hard as I watched the little kids eat the eyeballs and my comp rip off the head to eat the meat inside! I did my best to eat it but I mostly just did a lot of moving it around my plate haha. It was pretty funny. I did get sick that night though... I wont be eating fish again. 

So other news this week. ENRIQUE got the priesthood! So awesome. He had been so nervous all week. He was studying all the sections in Doctrine and Covenants about the priesthood and working hard to memorize the sacrament prayers. He is so PILAS! Seriously, I think they are going to end up being my two most PILAS converts. He is always leaving with us to go teach ppl and just this week alone he has given us 3 referrals. He talks about the Gospel and the change he experienced in his life with EVERYONE! It is so awesome to see how the Gospel has completely changed his life and his wife’s life. I remember the night we contacted them so vividly. Corina barely said a word and he was so lost. They lost their daughter to cancer and ever since felt a huge void in their lives. The gospel changed everything! Now they know where their daughter is, they know they can be together again forever and they know what they must do in this life to receive these blessings. Now Corina visits with everyone and is always getting all ready for the day. I remember she used to only walk around in pjs. And Enrique is going to be made the branch’s mission leader this upcoming week! YES I baptized the MISSION LEADER! So legit. Anyways, I am just so grateful I have been able to see this incredible change in their lives. I feel so lucky to know them and share in these sweet spiritual experiences. I will NEVER forget them. P.S. we decided on their temple date last night! WOOT!

In short this week has been bitter sweet...like every week. However, I wouldn’t change this experience for anything in the world. I feel incredibly blessed to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with my brothers and Sisters here. It is hard, scary and exhausting but it is also the most amazing thing I have ever done. I will never forget these moments. 6 months baby!

Love you all!

Hna. Kendall

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