Consumed by the Spirit

All right. This week has been hard for me. Changes are this Wednesday and we have 20 new Hermanas coming in. So it will be crazy with trainers, the new President and all the new ppl. I am trying to eat healthier. Today I was HORRIBLE. But last week I found nuts, granola, fruit and canned veggies. However, EVERYONE has been feeding us this week so I really haven’t been able to eat any of it.

I am not quite sure what made this week so tough but my speculation is as follows- first the Food. We have had breakfast with Hermano Hector EVERY DAY this week. It is seriously the sweetest thing ever BUT I don’t know how much longer I can do it. The food is always good but it is literally enough to feed a family of 12. My comp and I always leave feeling pregnant haha. We have had lots of meetings as well this week where they feed us ridiculous amounts of food as well. Sleep. It is nonexistent for me right now. I am not sure why but I literally wake up at about 4am every day and stare at the ceiling, rather the bottom of my comps bed in our bunk bed set up. So frustrating! I am considering buying some type of pill. The rain! It has rained all day, everyday this week! The rain makes it hard to work. We can’t get to some of our investigators because we would literally slide down the mountain. Hopefully next week I can find solutions for 1 or all of those situations.

Okay so Saturday was supposed to be our big day with Yamili and Yudamis baptisms. Sadly that didn’t happen. However, we had the most beautiful experience with them. So we went to Yamili and Yudamis house late one night when one of our other appointments fell through. We planned on just checking in and seeing how they were doing. When we got there we decided to share a little bit more about the restoration. The spirit was really beautiful and I knew they were feeling it. It wasn’t until the end of the lesson though that we were all pierced to the heart with the spirit. We finished the lesson and Yamili asked her mom to give the prayer. Her mom started to pray and we were all CONSUMED with the spirit. I was in tears and so were her girls by the end of the prayer. The next day we returned and Yudami agreed to be baptized as well as Yamali (she is still nervous though). They WILL be baptized this next Saturday. Such a BEAUTIFUL family.

We had another interesting experience this week. Do you remember Rafael and Heydaling (I was spelling her name wrong)? They had been so positive and receptive and then just as quickly as we found them they were GONE and wanted nothing to do with us. Well Tuesday we got a call from Heydaling saying she wanted to be baptized, her and Rafael wanted to change their lives around and they wanted to get married. If you remember Rafael is already a member just hasn’t been active for a while. We set a baptismal date for Heydaling for this Sunday. They will get married that day right before as well. It is all very exciting for us. However, we have a few reservations. We are really in need of the Spirits guidance with this. It is strange because they literally wanted nothing to do with us and now they are so eager and want to do everything VERY FAST. They found out we pay for the wedding and that is when their attitudes changed. We really hope that is not why they want to hear our message and be baptized. We hope the Lord pricked their hearts and they really want to get to know their Savior better. We are just going to pray and work hard with them. We are also probably going to start teaching her mom and her mom’s new spouse.

This week has been FULL of hilarious experiences with bugs slash animals. Okay first off, I have said it before and I may say it every week.... DOGS ARE NASTY!! My comp and I (okay mostly I) run around like a pyscho, making squeaky weird noises almost all day. The darn dogs do not leave us ALONE and they are EVERYWHERE! We have also had tons of cockroaches torturing us this week. I still refuse to kill those nasty things. Thank goodness for my COMP!! The best experience that happened this week was in our house. We were enjoying a nice quiet morning of personal study Thursday when SOME HIDEOUS FLYING CREATURE appeared in our room. I started screaming and waving my arms around. My comp was doing like wise. We ended up huddled up in the same chair; wrapped in each other’s arms screaming while this THING flew around our room. Finally it flew out and we could see that it was a BAT!! Yes a bat in our room. EWW! We see them all the time at night but in our ROOM.... are you kidding me. Haha o brother... Nicaragua you are testing me!

I think it is AMAZING you are working on making the home an MTC. It is so true that the Home is the best place to learn. To answer your question I would say first, study PMG as a family. It is all golden! There are some chapters that won't really be important until you are in the mission but it never hurts to read over it. I wish I had valued the scriptures more before the mission and worked harder to understand them. The stories really are so interesting and exciting. Most important though is the doctrine it is beautiful and for us TODAY! Last I would say study the life of Jesus Christ. He is the perfect example for us and studying his life will help you as well as your investigators. Oh okay one more thing. STUDY the life of Joseph Smith as well. It is so important to have a testimony of him and The Book of Mormon. OKAY OKAY that is plenty haha. You need your whole life to do all that right?

As always can you tell my friends, students and family I love them all and miss them as well!!

Ps I want you to know I am having great experiences. I have moments everyday when I just cant believe I get to be in Nicaragua with amazing ppl, teaching the Gospel and learning Spanish. I hope I can feel that more often and with even more power and strength.


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