I Made It!!

Hello Family! I have made it here safely in Guatemala. I LOVE it
Here!! It is warm, humid and BEAUTIFUL. Traveling was long but
great. We had about 18 people leave from Salt Lake and we picked up
10 more in LA. I instantly had 28 friends! The BEST! As soon as I
got over to the gate and sat down I met Hermana Teichert who is going
to my same mission. She is awesome. Seriously, we are already great
friends and we just found out 10 mins ago that we are companions.
LOVE HER! We are going to do great work together I can already tell.
While waiting at the gate I met a man, Victor, who served in my
mission 5 years ago. How crazy is that?! He told us all about the
mission and had me write down a couple names to check on when I get
there. He is from California and was way chill. We met 3 other
returned sister missionaries on our flight and one other man who
served in my mission as well. Man, what tender mercies. Well the
flights were long and we are all beat today. I LOVE the ELDERS and
HERMANAS in my district we were laughing all day while traveling. We
all kind of had a freak out moment leaving LA, knowing we were not
going to see America for quite some time. Okay the drive from the
Guatemala airport to the CCM was INSANE. First off we hauled all our
luggage and self’s on to an old school bus, that is how they travel
here. It was hilarious to see us all crammed in there. Guatemala is
just beautiful! I feel like we are in the middle of a jungle yet
surrounded by what they would call a city. Really all it is to us is
extreme Ghetto. There are people everywhere and everyone rides
motorcycles or drives tiny cars. We saw a TINY taxi cab with 5 ppl
shoved in back and 4 in the front. So crazy. Once we got to the CCM
we all started to have another freak out moment. Is this really
happening! We tried to get a little bit of sleep but none of us
really did. So we are walking zombies. We were the only missionaries
coming in this week, so 28 of us. There are 4 hermanas in my district
and 10 elders. Hermana Teichert and I are the ONLY Hermanas going to
Nicaragua. We may get a few Latinos in 2 weeks but as of now we are
the only ones. Pretty cool if you ask me. President and his wife
came and  talked to us for a while today. They are wonderful
people. Our teachers name is Hermano Coolkie. He just got back from
serving a mission in LIMA, PERU. Thought of you dad. He is the best.
He only talks to us in EspaƱola. I already love Spanish! I can feel
myself remembering things from Jr. High and learning new things
already. Everyone is so sweet and friendly. There are about 150
missionaries here right now. By the end of this week I should know
EVERYBODY. So awesome. Tell Sister Golden I saw Tyler. He is doing
GREAT!! He loves them and is thinking of them. He already knows so
much Spanish. We just got our schedule and we are going none stop all
day every day. The food so far is delicious! The chef is super sweet
and takes care of us. The CCM is really beautiful as well. I know it
is going to take some getting used to but I do love it here. It feels
so right. Thank you for the letters!! I loved reading them and I will
keep them forever. This keyboard is pretty confusing so I hope you
can make since of everything I am trying to get out. We only have 30
mins today but we will have 1 hour on pday, which will be Tuesday or
Wednesday. The temple is beautiful and we can see it from our room.
Most the Hermanas are 20-21 but I am sure more 19 year olds will be
coming soon to represent! We got about 15 lbs. of books today so I am
going to have to figure that out. We are supposed to only talk in
EspaƱola all the time which is REALLY hard right now, considering it
has been half a day, BUT I feel the Lord helping us and I know it will
come. Tell Daniel I was thinking of him when I arrived and all he
told me about the CCM. I can see why he loved it so much. I am so
lucky to be a missionary! I absolutely love it already. Okay I am out
of time for today I will write again soon! Love you all!!! Oh and
Branson thanks for your letter. It means the world to me. Adios!
Hermana Kendall 

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